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Adam Driver is the first and most prominent name to be revealed in the movie '65'. Here are all the ways you can watch online.

Is '65' on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Here's how to watch the new movie for free online.

Adam Driver and Lady Gaga star in the new hit film 'House of Gucci.' Prepare to be blown away by an all-star cast when you stream this film

If for some reason you still haven’t watched Ridley Scott’s latest fashion movie, here are 3 reasons why you should add 'House of Gucci' to your movie list.

A new trailer has dropped for 'House of Gucci' and Lady Gaga steals the scene as Patrizia Reggiani. See all the best moments from the latest trailer.

Darth Emo, Sad Boi Sith . . . . whatever you call Kylo Ren, you know he's a whiny edgelord in need of a time out. Laugh at

After 'Lost' ended, Dominic Monaghan may have become a little lost himself. Dive into his life after the iconic TV show went off air.

Character posters and a trailer were released to promote the latest Adam Driver movie, 'House of Gucci'. How have the cast transformed?

The first trailer for 'The Last Duel' has arrived! This new film is set to hit theaters this upcoming fall, but which role will Ben Affleck play?