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After 'Lost' ended, Dominic Monaghan may have become a little lost himself. Dive into his life after the iconic TV show went off air.

‘Lost’: What has Dominic Monaghan done since the TV show ended?

Ever since Dominic Monaghan finished filming Lost, things in his life have taken some major turns. Lost was an extremely popular show between 2004 & 2010. Across six seasons, viewers get to watch the survivors of Flight 815 figure out how to survive after their plane crashes into a totally random and very mysterious island. The one thing we know for sure about the island is that it’s lush with greenery and filled with secrets. 

On top of that, every passenger who survives the crash is holding onto something confidential they’re not totally comfortable sharing with each other. Surviving the plane crash is just the beginning because learning how to survive on the island poses its own complicated issue for this group of individuals. Here’s what Monaghan has been up to you ever since Lost came to an end.

Dominic Monaghan’s scandals after Lost

Several accusations & unfortunate controversies have followed Dominic Monaghan since Lost came to an end. One of the first scandalous things to happen after the show ended occurred in 2013 when Monaghan’s relationship with co-star Evangeline Lilly began falling apart. He took to Twitter to announce they were over and referred to her as a cheater. It’s a pretty personal detail to post on such a public forum, but he went for it. 

After that, he got into a public dispute with co-star Matthew Fox and posted some very controversial comments on Twitter once again. He spoke about Fox beating women “often” which is pretty damning. He then interviewed with Vulture saying, “I don’t say anything unintentionally. I stand by everything I said. Everything I say to find me, and I don’t apologize for it. It’s an open forum, and people should honor that space.”

He went on to say, “Not only that, if you’re piqued by my comments, go check it out. Do your own research. It’s all out there. It’s not like I’m spilling secrets.” Fox responded by denying all claims in Men’s Journal. The third scandal Monaghan was involved in came from the perspective of a woman who shared some screenshots of the messages she’d exchanged with Monaghan in the past. 

Apparently, after trying to turn him down repeatedly, he started sending her extremely hurtful messages. In some of the messages, he accused the woman of appearing to be riddled with herpes and told her he considered her a theft threat. His harsh words didn’t blow over easily as she shared the text thread with Radar Online.

Dominic Monaghan’s roles after Lost

Lost came to an end in 2010 which means anything he’s done since then has allowed his career as an actor to continue. In 2016 he started a movie called Pet, a horror movie about a man who kidnaps a woman he finds himself entranced by and decides to treat her as a pet locked in a cage. 

In 2019, he starred in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker alongside the late Carrie Fisher as well as Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, and Adam Driver. In 2021, Monaghan also starred in Edge of the World which is an adventure drama directed by Michael Haussmann. The biopic is about a pirate attack, prisoners being saved from getting beheaded, the royal navy, and British kingdom colonies.

Dominic Monaghan’s love life after Lost

We know Dominic Monaghan dated Evangeline Lilly once upon a time, and things didn’t work out. Who did he date after Lost came to an end though? As of 2021, it appears Monaghan is still single and if he is dating someone, he’s keeping those intimate details under wraps. According to his Instagram, he’s busy writing poetry, making videos for the Cameo app, and working on a podcast called The Friendship Onion.

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