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If for some reason you still haven’t watched Ridley Scott’s latest fashion movie, here are 3 reasons why you should add 'House of Gucci' to your movie list.

3 reasons we loved House of Gucci, and you’ll love it too!

The House of Gucci movie, which was released on November 24, 2021, quickly made headlines not just for its talented cast and real storyline, but also for the controversy it sparked. The crime drama tells the story of one of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, so it’s safe to assume that both fashion lovers and critics have been eagerly anticipating its release. If for some reason you still haven’t watched Ridley Scott’s latest creation, here are three reasons why you definitely should add it to your movie list.

First and foremost, as brutal and bloody as the film is, it is based on a true story of the Gucci family. If you’re unfamiliar with the plot of this biographical crime drama, Patrizia Reggiani, a fatherless girl from humble beginnings, marries into the extremely wealthy and patriarchal Gucci family, and later, out of jealousy and wish for money and power over the company, hires a hitman to kill Maurizio Gucci, who was the house’s director at the time, in 1995. The brilliant cast of the movie includes not only Lady Gaga who portrays Patrizia Reggiani and Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci, who obviously stole the show, but also Jared Leto, Al Pacino, and Salma Hayek, whose husband François-Henri Pinault is the actual owner of Gucci. Given the violent nature of the plot, the performers had a tough time prepping for the filming. Lady Gaga revealed in an interview that she was afraid of meeting Patrizia, who was convicted of premeditated murder and freed from jail in 2016.  “I don’t love her,” she stated when asked how she feels about the role, “But I had to discover her as a child in order to play her.” Lady Gaga worked on the Italian accent for six months and even adopted some of Patrizia’s interests in order to better understand the character. 

The fashion and visual elements are the second reason to watch House of Gucci. Although the main storyline line is clearly the story of a family, it’s difficult not to notice the incredible fashion collection, elegant costumes, and overall the old money aesthetic of the movie. It was clear from the very beginning that this movie will be a fashion masterpiece when we saw the early photos of Adam Driver wearing the infamous Irish sweater that took the spotlight and became even more popular and discussed online than Chris Evan’s one in Knives out back in 2019. The sweater, like every other piece of clothing worn in the film, has apparent symbolism: it is a very classy, high-quality garment with no visible labels, which is precisely what Maurizio preferred. If you’ve been lured by this garment, like millions of other fans, and are looking for a place to buy one, Irish manufacturers’ stores have authentic Aran sweaters for menthat will make you look just as charming as Adam Driver.

The last, but certainly not least, reason to add this film to your “must see” list is the influence it has had after its release. The film, like any other work of art, had divided reviews, with some praising the outstanding cast and role play, while others claiming that the picture was far too artistic and divergent from the original plot. The Gucci family, predictably, disliked the film, claiming that the portrayal of the real people involved in the story was inaccurate and that they “portrayed the members of the Gucci family who were the protagonists of well-documented events as hooligans, ignorant and insensitive to the world around them”.  Tom Ford, however, the fashion designer who worked for Gucci between 1990 and 2004, wrote a 1100 word essay expressing his feelings in regards to the movie where he mentioned the impeccable costumes, stunning sets, and powerful portrayals of the real life characters. As you can see, there’s no clear answer to whether or not you’ll enjoy the film, so the only way to find out is to see it for yourself.

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