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Cannes Film Festival 2021: Is this movie with Adam Driver worth your time?

Cinephiles around the globe are jumping for joy because it’s that time of year again – the 2021 Cannes Film Festival is upon us. Blowout stars and bookish directors alike have flocked to Cannes to promote the next feature set to blow the feeble minds of the philistine populous. Yes, folks – no MCU films will premiere at Cannes 2021, but the blockbusterless festie doesn’t mean some hot fire hasn’t shown up on the guest list.

This year’s Cannes Film Festival puts plenty of talent into the spotlight, and publications across the board lit up this week with photos of Hollywood’s artsiest elite. Lots of Hollywood creators were put on display, but most headlines put their focus on one movie and its star – Adam Driver in Annette.

Cannes is back

USA Today dropped a piece about the 2021 Cannes Film Festival today, letting all its readers know the coveted movie fest is back in action. Back how? Well, like most events over the past year and a half, Cannes was pushed back from its original date due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the wait is now over.

Now, as restrictions are lifted around the globe, Cannes has returned to all its adoring fans. However, Cannes 2021 has certain precautions in place. Other areas of the country may feel as though they are out of the woods with the coronavirus, but reports say a new Delta variant is spreading fast in Europe. As such, Cannes attendees are required to wear masks at film events, and must be tested for COVID-19 every forty-eight hours.

Concerned parties are worried about foreigners possibly allowing further spread of the virus by attending the festival in Europe. However, fear of the virus didn’t stop some of the U.S.’s biggest movie talent from heading across the pond, along with some of the world’s most prominent directors.

Jury of peers

Some of the first photos released from the 2021 Cannes Film Festival feature many of the world’s biggest names in the movies. Spike Lee was shown in the center of one of the festival’s promotional shots, arm in arm with artists from around the world presenting movies at this year’s festival.

Spike Lee was fittingly front & center, as this year the renowned auteur will lead the Cannes Film Festival jury. He will be the first black person to ever head the jury in the history of the festival. Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal, Australian director Jessica Hausner, and Parasite’s Song Kang-ho are among those joining Lee on the jury. 

However, there was one celeb who stood out during the early moments of Cannes 2021, the star of its opening film, Adam Driver.


Cannes 2021 opened with Leos Carax’s musical Annette on Tuesday, with stars Adam Driver & Marion Cotillard posing for the festival’s first promo photos

In the upcoming film, Adam Driver plays a stand-up comedian who is married to a famous opera singer (Cotillard). The movie will feature original music from American pop duo Sparks who got their start in the early 70s.

Ron & Russel Mae, the artists who make up Sparks, wrote the screenplay along with all the original music for Annette. The name from the film comes from the name of Driver & Cotillard’s characters’ daughter who is born with “a unique gift” (whatever that means). 

Annette kicks off the festival, but Tuesday’s opening events will feature films from Wes Anderson & Sean Penn following the heavily anticipated Adam Driver flick. The festival will last twelve days, ending Saturday July 17th.

Will you seek out Annette after its premiere at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival? Sound off with your favorite Sparks track in the comments below!

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