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Darth Emo, Sad Boi Sith . . . . whatever you call Kylo Ren, you know he's a whiny edgelord in need of a time out. Laugh at him with these hilarious memes.

Can you *be* more of an edgelord? Shake your head at these Kylo Ren memes

Star Wars’ favorite emo boy, Kylo Ren, is obviously perfect material for Twitter memes. Let’s never forget the Kylo Ren meme where he simply looked. . . wide. What is it about this lonely edgelord that makes him ideal for memes? Perhaps, it’s the extent of his emo-nature and the fact he’s played by Adam Driver.

Who knows, but here are some top-tier Kylo Ren memes to get you through the day. 

The self-hate is strong with this one

It’s hard to hate someone who already despises their own existence.

*insert Kylo Ren more meme*

A great Kylo Ren more meme adaptation.

Double stuffed Oreos aren’t enough

How much more filling does he need?

Sorry, Adam Driver

But we can’t help but laugh at this one.

Major Edge

How much more of an edgelord can one become?

Stupid? Yes. Hilarious? Also, yes.

For some reason, this one gets us every time.

Schitt’s Creek & Star Wars crossover

Who knew it would fit so well?

Kind of depressing

Yet, if Kylo Ren can follow COVID-19 protocols, so can you.

Not sure what universe this is

Honestly, Black Widow would’ve drop-kicked him.

Lastly. . .

Wouldn’t we all want to roll up to McDonald’s and order one large Kylo Ren?

Did you laugh at these Kylo Ren memes? Let us know your thoughts on Kylo Ren in the comments below!

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