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2021 has already given us so many righteous memes this year, but it overdid it when it dropped the Zoom cat meme in our laps. See the best ones.

“I’m not a cat!”: The most iconic memes about the Zoom lawyer cat

“I am not a cat,” – The battle cry of an older generation who can’t figure out how filters work. Early last week, the world was shook when one Texas Zoom call went viral. During a virtual court hearing, lawyer Rod Ponton couldn’t turn off his zoom filter.

“I’m here live” Ponton bewilderedly told the judge. “I’m not a cat.” The short clip made waves across the internet and a week and a half later, we now have a meme goldmine. Here are the best ones. 

“I am not a cat, but I am Roaring Kitty”

Roaring Kitty, aka Keith Gill, is known on Reddit as one of the masterminds behind the GameStop trading incident that happened last month. In his congressional testimony this morning, Gill referenced the infamous Zoom incident, meme-ing congress itself. That’s almost as impressive as shorting Wall Street. 

Have your meme and eat it too

When the cat meme went viral it was a treat for the eyes. Now it’s a literal treat. 

But make it medieval

While we are sure the “I’m not a cat” meme will go down in history, this is taking it too far. 

Cancun cat

After the news broke that Ted Cruz fled to Cancún, Mexico, while millions of Texans lost power & water, reporter Tom Weber referenced the cat meme on Twitter. “I am not a cat. I am not in Cancun.”

Click this box if you are not a cat

If only the internet would do us a solid and let us confirm that we are not robots or cats. 

Move over “Hang In There” cat

We can see this poster hanging up in guidance counselors’ offices across the country, inspiring children to never give up.

Star Paws 

Kylo Ren would absolutely have technology problems when communicating with the First Order. The only thing that would make this meme better is if they used the Adam Driver cat instead. 

Meme a meme

This is the Mona Lisa of memes.

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