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What’s the most polarizing topic about the 'Star Wars' franchise? Do you love or hate the 'Star Wars' prequel movies? Find out with these memes.

The ‘Star Wars’ prequels suck – Except for these hilarious memes

What’s the most polarizing topic about the Star Wars franchise? What’s the one question fans ask to determine if you can sit at their lunch table or if they’re going to throw you in the Sarlac pit? . . . Do you love or hate the Star Wars prequels? 

Until Disney’s sequel trilogy came to town, the Star Wars prequels were a point of contention. Wooden acting, a storyline that didn’t make sense, and the worst sin of all – Jar-Jar Binks – all made the Star Wars prequels the dumpster fire that some fans still remember them as. 

However, time has been kind to the Star Wars prequels, with fans who grew up with the series remembering the prequels fondly. Either way, seeing as the prequels are a big staple for Gen Z Star Wars nerds, they’re now an internet meme staple. Here are some of our favorites. 

About those sequels

Sure, they arguably had a more coherent storyline, but were the characters actually better? Jar-jar aside. Mannequin Skywalker too! 

LEGO saves the day

If you don’t want to watch the prequels again, and don’t have time to binge the entire Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, LEGO is here to refresh your memory! 

One reason we love the Star Wars prequels

Obi Wan’s sass makes up for a thousand Jar-Jars, admit it! 

Sometimes Y? 

We wouldn’t be surprised if this vowel turned to the Dark Side. 

Obi-Wan appreciation

Without him, the Star Wars prequels would’ve been a complete disaster! 

Headcanon accepted

“E.T. phone home” . . . to a galaxy far, far away! 

How they should’ve ended

But . . . then we wouldn’t have got the original trilogy! 

That was cool

We’ll admit, being ten and sitting in the movie theater watching Darth Maul pop out a double-bladed lightsaber was bada$$. The fight, including the legendary “Duel of the Fates” was ruined by intersplicing it with Jar-Jar & Baby Anakin’s antics though 😓

“The taste you can see”

“It’s got cinnamon swirls in every bite!”

More LEGO appreciation

Better than prequel Anakin, better than Clone Wars Anakin, comes a Skywalker worth fighting for! 

Making ourselves scarce

Excuse us, we have to hide in our rooms for the next few hours. 

Why use Drake? 

Kit Fisto’s perfect for showing off your Star Wars preferences


What should’ve been an intergalactic deal-breaker turned into the most contrived love story in the universe! (Will of The Force, our butts) 🙄

Obi Wan strikes again

To let our friends know we stan the Star Wars prequels, we’ll just pepper Obi-Wan one-liners into our conversations. 

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