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It doesn’t matter if you are a cat or a dog person. Here are the funniest cat coughing memes you need to discover.

The best cat coughing memes online

It doesn’t matter if you are a cat or a dog person, cats represent humans on spiritual levels. One of the main features of the world we’re currently living in is the fact that new generations put memes, art, and politics in the same place and it makes all sense actually. The truth is we can make memes out of anything, but the ones that involve cats are undoubtedly the best ones. 

It can be the fat cat over an aluminum sheet with a cube of butter on top, or the ones with crying eyes, all cat memes are cute & relatable. This time we’ve brought you the best memes of cats coughing, and other surprises that will definitely cheer you up if you’re going through a blue holiday. 

It’s normal to feel a little down during this season, yet, don’t forget to have your therapist’s number near you in case these memes don’t kill your depression. Perhaps getting an actual cat would be another solution for you to consider. Now, get prepared to laugh with this cute cat coughing meme. 

Cat coughing origin  

It looks like it all started by trying to represent how a kid “coughs”, does it makes sense to you? Did you ever use that excuse using that face as a child?  

Apple for all kinds of vices

No matter what vice you have or which context we’re talking about, if you swallow the wrong way,  this would be your face undoubtedly. 

The year has barely started!

Memes like this one prove that no editing is necessary to make a cat meme. In fact, cats are meme living creatures.  

Does anyone have trouble eating greens?

Growing up is realizing that there are several things you won’t like to do but couldn’t escape either like paying taxes or eating your greens. 

We’ve all been through that void

No matter which series we’re talking about you can develop an emotional attachment, you’ll be that cat at the end of the final season. 

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