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Will Kylo Ren be emo in Lucasfilm/Disney's 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker'? Let's find out what's in store after the events of episode 8.

Will Kylo Ren still be emo after ‘Star Wars’ episode 8?

While the final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker dropped just over a month ago, Lucasfilm has been giving us some great TV ads that help continue to build the hype up. One recent ad in particular, entitled “Fate”, ties into the 30-second scene dropped yesterday.

The new ad showcases a mysterious group of soldiers in black dressed similarly to our main villain, Kylo Ren (Adam Driver). Theorists have been all over this clip already, guessing the group to be the Knights of Ren. Kylo Ren got his name based on this group, who filled the void left in the dark side of the Force after the death of Darth Vader. 

If the Knights of Ren are finally getting a closeup view in the new Star Wars trilogy after an offhand mention in The Force Awakens, this is significant for Kylo Ren’s future. Even if Kylo Ren falls from power after taking over Sith Lord Snoke’s role, the Knights may come to take Ren in and help him take down the rebellion. But we do know one thing: Kylo Ren is still the emo prince we love from The Force Awakens.

Why is Kylo emo? Just because he wears black? 

Fans of Star Wars not on social media may be confused as to why Kylo Ren is considered emo. Sure, he wears black, but he’s on the dark side. What really defines Kylo as emo are two other aspects of his character: his tragic backstory, and his temper.

As revealed in The Last Jedi, Kylo Ren was sent to Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) by his parents Han Solo (Harrison Ford) and Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher) to learn how to be a Jedi Master. Luke saw that Kylo was leaning towards the dark side and even tried to kill him, but Luke couldn’t bring himself to do it. Kylo woke to see his uncle with a Lightsaber over him and then attacked Luke and killed the rest of the Jedis in training. 

Thanks to his conflicting views of the dark and light side, Kylo Ren has a lot of anger flowing in his veins. That’s still no excuse for going at your ship with a lightsaber and destroying the console. While funny, Kylo Ren’s temper tantrums perfectly demonstrate his anger issues. 

The Rise of Skywalker trailers’ most emo moments 

Now we’ve established that if Kylo Ren were on earth he’d have a Hot Topic credit card, let’s look at how we know he hasn’t left his emo ways behind quite yet. Since all the full-length trailers and two TV spots for The Rise of Skywalker have been released, there’s plenty of footage of Kylo Ren to check out. 

A head (and helmet) full of scars

It’s clear Kylo Ren isn’t letting any grudges go after the events of The Last Jedi. His helmet is back together, but with dark red cracks all around. Kylo Ren is proudly wearing the scars of his past on him, proof of the pain and suffering he underwent to become the supreme leader. 

The wounds represent Kylo’s mental scars as well, after having the Jedi connection with Rey (Daisy Ridley). The duo grew close over the length of The Last Jedi: Rey and Kylo each hoped to bring the other over to the other side. Neither of them budged, and they separated after their brief alliance to defeat Snoke. 

Just a 30-year-old emotional wreck. NBD

The first teaser trailer for The Rise of Skywalker features a shot of our heroes looking over the wreckage of a Death Star. Which one is unspecified, but it’s definitely a Death Star in the ocean. In later trailers, Rey and Kylo Ren are going at it full tilt in a dramatic Lightsaber fight atop the wreckage of the Death Star.

At the end of The Last Jedi, Rey was not convinced that Kylo Ren was 100% bad, still believing he could be redeemed. Rey would be heading there to glean knowledge about the history of Darth Vader in order to bring Kylo Ren to her side, while Kylo would check out the wreckage to avoid his grandfather’s mistakes.

A ship as dramatic as Kylo

We also get a good look at a special Tie Fighter built for Kylo Ren that he’s flying around in the trailers. While the name hasn’t been officially confirmed in any trailers or promotional material, Funko Pops may have given us the truth. According to a leaked package of Kylo Ren in the Tie Fighter, his vessel is called Whisper

While every character in Star Wars has some attachment to one ship or another, most of the ships have unique names, not something as dramatic as Whisper. That sounds like the title of a sad, sappy ballad, not a battle vessel. 

Sulking over lost love

It’s clear that Rey not taking his offer in The Last Jedi will affect Kylo Ren in The Rise of Skywalker. This is even more apparent with the return of Emperor Palpatine, who is rumored to play a large role in the fates of Rey and Kylo. The biggest rumor right now is that Rey is the granddaughter of Palpatine, and he will try to bring her to the dark side.

Since that’s Kylo Ren’s main goal in the first place, it’s a no-brainer that we’ll see Kylo and Palpatine team up in The Rise of Skywalker. Kylo is very adamant about Rey’s powers being strong enough to bring the First Order to new heights, and like every other grudge in his life, we don’t see him giving that up anytime soon. 

We’ll find out Disney’s take on emo Kylo Ren’s fate in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 20th, 2019.

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