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Put aside your Disney fatigue and relive the Lucasfilm magic with this new teaser for the closer of the nine-part, 42-year space opera saga.

Marvel has a lot to answer for, ladies and gentlemen. As well as inspiring just about every “franchise” movie to throw in an obligatory post-credits sequence, now every

Netflix is back at it again with another eye-catching movie that’s sure to gain your attention, after making a seven figure deal for the Sundance hit White Fang.

While we could easily write an entire essay that would outwit the suckers who’ve been posting such vitriol to Tran, instead we’re going to turn this Millennium Falcon

This week is kind of a big deal for 'Star Wars'. Not only does it mark the 38th anniversary of 'The Empire Strikes Back' (released May 21, 1980)

Ladies and gentlemen, womp rats and ewoks, today is May 4th so you know what that means? Happy Star Wars day! In celebration, here’s a ranking of the

Disney’s main gal Minnie Mouse finally received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in celebration of her 90th Anniversary this week. To mark the occasion (and

Lebanese Prime Minister Said Hariri has overruled an impending ban on 'The Post', Steven Spielberg’s awards-tipped drama on the uncovering of the Pentagon Papers.

The Hollywood Reporter had a chat with this year’s top cinematographers, including Sayombhu Mukdeeprom (Call Me by Your Name) and Alexis Zabe (The Florida Project). It’s well worth