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We’re frankly exhausted by an ugly side of pop culture fandoms. But there’s also a flipside to it all: the rise of polite fandoms.

With diehard fans claiming Disney has destroyed the 'Star Wars' legacy, let's look at how the conglomerate keeps screwing up the films.

This Sunday marked the annual Teen Choice Awards – where young people go to celebrate all that is pop culture while surfboards are handed out to the best

Marvel has a lot to answer for, ladies and gentlemen. As well as inspiring just about every “franchise” movie to throw in an obligatory post-credits sequence, now every

Let’s take a look at some of the worst cases of women being abused by so called fans for a character they played in a film or TV

We talk a lot here at Film Daily about the positive power of fandoms and how groups of fans can legitimately affect change for their favorite shows and

With Disney‘s announcement it is shelving all future 'Star Wars' spinoffs for the minute to concentrate solely (Hans Solely?) on the next instalment of the original films, we’ve

Nerdist has scrubbed Hardwick’s name from its website pending further investigation of the allegations, released a statement offering support for rape and abuse survivors, and made clear it

'Top Gun 2' has entered into production. 'Bill & Ted 3' is happening. We’ve had 'Tron: Legacy', 'Zoolander 2', and 'Creed'. There’s no point denying it any longer: