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Disney is shelving any future 'Star Wars' movie order to concentrate on the original saga. Let's look at whether this is a good idea or not.

Disney cancels ‘Star Wars’ movie order: Why that’s a good thing

With Disney’s announcement it is shelving all future Star Wars spinoffs for the minute to concentrate solely (Hans Solely?) on the next instalment of the original films, we’ve decided to look at whether this sounds like a good idea or not.

On the one hand, the shelving of the spinoffs means that no time soon will be seeing the long proposed Obi Wan Kenobi film or the one which most hardocre Star Wars fans were surely looking forward to most – the Boba Fett spinoff. So firstly, why is it a good idea to stop making them?

No one knows where they’re at anymore

The main problem with spinoffs is that you only really need to do one. Look at the famous sitcoms – the spinoff to Cheers was Frasier. If they’d have added Norm and Cliff it would have just dragged us into a terrifying world of low paid barflys who only ever reference each other and the bar they used to drink in. Same with Friends.

As bad as Joey was, just imagine if they’d have done Ross. Or even worse, Gunther. And that’s where it kind of feels like we’re at with Star Wars right now. It’s like Gunther, along time ago in a Central Perk far, far away.

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We’re getting rinsed!

Star Wars fans may be many other really awful or stupid things, but they’re loyal as hell. So when there are new movies coming out every few months that basically just look like Star Wars films without having any of the actual connection to the originals, it’s kind of like Disney is holding them up by their ankles and seeing what falls out.

It’s watering the franchise down

Whether you liked them or not, the original Star Wars film were iconic movies. There wasn’t anything quite like Star Wars before it came out and now that Disney’s making more and more of them, it’s really beginning to detract from the original films. (To be fair, the prequel trilogy did a good enough job of all by itself). The spinoffs then also give credence to people who say Star Wars is crap. Because while the originals weren’t, the spinoffs certainly are.

Even without the spinoffs, there are still more movies to come

Just because it’s shelving the spinoffs doesn’t mean Disney’s not making anymore movies.

In fact, not only is it focusing on J.J. Abrams’s (Super 8) next instalment of the original collection, but there are also plans for other new films, like a trilogy developed by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson (Brick) and a new series of movies being developed by Game of Thrones duo David Benioff & D.B. Weiss. So it’s not like the company’s taking all the lightsabers away by just not doing the spinoffs.

Why is it a bad idea to stop making the spinoffs?

Needless to say, this section is a lot shorter. So why is it a bad idea to stop making the spinoffs? Well, some of them look nice. And they’ve had some good actors in them. Woody Harrelson (True Detective) . . . um, Chewbacca?

Actually, one thing the spinoffs have done is introduce more women and BAM actors to the Star Wars universe, which despite what some people online might say, can only be a good thing. But as long as Disney keeps doing that with the other films, there really aren’t any reasons to keep going with the spinoffs.

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