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Speculation buzzed about whether Ghislaine Maxwell was going to rat on Jeffrey Epstein and his old contacts. Is Maxwell making a deal?

Is Ghislaine Maxwell using Epstein’s contacts to make a deal?

Short answer: we don’t know yet. Ghislaine Maxwell pled not guilty in July to six criminal counts regarding her involvement with Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious sex trafficking ring. Her bail was denied at the same hearing, so she’s awaiting trial at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn until 2021. 

As of right now, “discovery” is still going on, which is the phase where federal prosecutors and Ghislaine Maxwell’s legal team gather evidence and submit it to the court for the trial. Ghislaine Maxwell maintains her innocence. She has thirteen hours a day to prepare her case after a hearing about “onerous conditions” she faced. 

While Ghislaine Maxwell told authorities she was willing to cooperate after her arrest in early July, she still hasn’t come forward to make a deal. At this point, we’re guessing she’s waiting to see what kind of evidence the prosecution delivers before making a deal. After all, she’s not happy she was denied bail so we doubt she’s willing to be as cooperative as she was upon her arrest. 

Naming names

When Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in her house in New England on July 2, speculation buzzed about whether she was going to rat on Jeffrey Epstein’s old contacts. Articles ran about which names she was going to name first. 

The Sun spoke to Stephen Hoffenberg the day after Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest, saying he believed Maxwell would “name names.” Hoffenberg was involved in a Ponzi scheme with Jeffrey Epstein & served time for his role. Hoffenberg was also close with deceased media mogul Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell’s father. 

“She’s going to cooperate and be very important. (Prince) Andrew may be very concerned, and there’s a lot of people very worried, a lot of powerful people been named [in the scandal], and she knows everything. She’ll totally cooperate,” Hoffenberg told The Sun

Implicating Prince Andrew

Hoffenberg believed Ghislaine Maxwell would implicate Prince Andrew, Duke of York, a royal she introduced to Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell knew Prince Andrew since their days at Oxford and introduced the prince to Epstein in the 1990s. According to Jeffrey Epstein’s victims, Prince Andrew participated in the abuse against Epstein’s victims. 

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre alleges that Prince Andrew, Duke of York, sexually assaulted her three times. In a deposition released to the public for Ghislaine Maxwell’s upcoming trial, Giuffre recalls that Prince Andrew molested her with a puppet in his likeness. Prince Andrew denies all allegations against him. 

Despite the denial, things aren’t looking great for Prince Andrew. Prince Andrew stepped away from royal duties following the scandal. He was also summoned to Balmoral to meet with Queen Elizabeth II to discuss his involvement with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. 

Not cooperating in the investigation

On top of this, the U.S. Department of Justice is clamping down on pressure to get Prince Andrew to talk. The DOJ says they reached out to Prince Andrew’s legal team regarding cooperation in both the Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell cases. Prince Andrew says this isn’t true; he says his legal team reached out to the DOJ numerous times, but heard nothing back. 

Many, including Steven Hoffenberg, say Prince Andrew should have come forward before Ghislaine Maxwell’s arrest. “Andrew handled it poorly, very poorly, he should have spoken to them through his lawyers, and given them some guidance. He should have given them something,” Hoffenberg told The Sun

Physical evidence? 

Ghislaine Maxwell may have physical evidence, including tapes & video, of Epstein’s contacts abusing underage girls. It’s known from documentaries like Filthy Rich: The Jeffrey Epstein Story that Epstein liked having power over his contacts, blackmailing them into owing him “favors.” 

The FBI seized multiple computers from Epstein’s homes, but if any evidence they have against Ghislaine Maxwell from these files likely won’t manifest until the trial, or if there’s another document drop. As for Ghislaine Maxwell, she’s been mum on cooperating since July. 

However, sources say she’s being urged to come forward with names. Virginia Roberts-Giuffre tweeted in September that she should come forward with her evidence already. “I know you only care about yourself & you hold all the secrets! I go to bed at night thanking God you are sleeping in a cage, just like the one you put me & 100’s others in.” 

We think Ghislaine Maxwell won’t name names until 2021 when she & her team see all the evidence the prosecution has against her. Do you agree, or do you think she’ll start talking sooner? Do you think Ghislaine Maxwell won’t talk at all and let Epstein’s contacts get away with their alleged role in his sex trafficking ring? Let us know!

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