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Is the 'American Horror Stories' the absolute worst show on TV? Dive in to see the cast for the spinoff series.

‘American Horror Stories’ is this the worst show on TV? Uncover the cast

For anyone who might be confused, American Horror Story & American Horror Stories are simply not the same TV show. They are very different! American Horror Stories is a spinoff of the original show created by Brad Falchuk & Ryan Murphy. The main difference between the two shows is the storytelling format . . . and of course the American Horror Stories cast. 

The American Horror Stories cast knew what they were signing up for seeing as the show is a spinoff. The dark dialogue, haunting scenery, creepy scenarios, and weird costumes are all part of the deal. Here’s everything you should know about the new American Horror Stories cast.

Familiar faces 

Some of the familiar faces you’ll see in the American Horror Stories cast include Matt Bomer, John Carroll Lynch, Charles Melton, Billie Lourd, and Naomi Grossman. These stars have been around in the original show so it’s exciting to see more of them in the spinoff. 

Bomer played the character of Andy in episodes “Freak Show” and “Hotel”. Lynch played the character of Twisty the Clown in two separate seasons. All of these AHS veterans will continue to bring a lot to the table in the spinoff series.

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, will be part of the American Horror Stories cast. She told The Wrap, “I didn’t know anything about what the season was going to be, they’re very top secret about that when you’re auditioning.” 

Jackson admits she’s been a huge fan of AHS since she was a high school student and now knowing she’s going to play the character of a ghost who was killed & trapped in the same murder house that iconically appeared in the first season makes her feel super excited. Has Jackson ever done any acting in the past? She’s starred in movies such as Habit, Gringo, and The Space Between.

Madison Bailey

Madison Bailey is another new young member of the American Horror Stories cast. Some of the places you might recognize her include Netflix’s Outer Banks, one of the biggest shows on the network today. She plays the lovable character of Kiara that all the boys tend to have a crush on. 

Her beauty & charm will definitely translate as part of the American Horror Stories cast where she’ll be taking on the character of Kelley. The episode focuses on a girl who screens a forbidden film and ends up facing the disastrous consequences of her actions. Sounds pretty spooky if you ask us!

Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus’s reaction to learning she’d be able to be part of the American Horror Stories cast is one of the sweetest reactions we’ve seen so far. According to People Magazine, she said, “AHS has been my favorite show since I was twelve years old . . . I was on tour with my sister and we laid in the back of the bus watching Asylum and it pulled me in immediately.”

She continued, “On my own, I started from season 1 and so on, and since then I’ve watched the full series more than any show, any movie, and probably more than any song I’ve ever listened to. There’s episodes [where] I can recite & say the lines word for word with the characters.” She also revealed that getting signed for American Horror Stories helped pull her out of the painful depression she’s been going through. 

Kaia Gerber

There are many reasons why you might recognize Kaia Gerber’s name and the first reason would be her very famous model mother, Cindy Crawford. The next reason would be the high-profile relationships she’s been in over the past including Pete Davidson and currently Jacob Elordi. 

The next reason you know her is that she’s a model in her own right sign to the DNA modeling agency. She’ll be joining the cast of American Horror Stories showing off her actress skills for the world to see.

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