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'American Horror Stories' has officially kicked off with a return to the Murder House. See if Twitter is terrified of or adores the premiere.

‘American Horror Stories’ premiere: Step back inside Murder House

Well, are you ready to return to the Murder House? American Horror Stories has officially arrived with a back-to-back premiere on FX on Hulu. With it, there is gore, there is death, and there is fetish rubber. There is so much fetish rubber, people. Why does this keep coming up in the series? Like, we don’t want to kink shame, anyone. But is anyone interested in fetish rubber after AHS?

Wrong question, of course, but one to pursue on another day. Either way, while you’re diving into your Hulu account (or watching for illegal streaming sites to get the episodes up), you’re probably curious about why people have returned to the infamous Murder House in the first episode of American Horror Stories. Well, that’s for you to watch, but fans are happy to have made the return back “home” for lack of a better word.

So let’s take a look at the fans’ reactions for the first episode. Yes, they are pretty mixed.


Oh boy

Um . . . .


It was because of Boo

Everyone is apparently dunking on Ryan Murphy via Tyler Perry.



So if you can handle an episode of this nonsense, then you can handle a season of it? Makes sense



AHS: Mean Girls or was that what Coven was this whole time? 



Well, it’s definitely an intro.


We wouldn’t call it home

Welcome back to the Murder House.


Look! Something positive

Well, it’s good that someone enjoyed it because most of Twitter did not.


Have you seen the parent series at all? 

If it’s not messed up, then it’s not associated with AHS.


Maybe the other eps will be better? 

One more tweet about how bad this was because, wow, this way outnumber the good ones.


When did this become way messed up Beetlejuice

Isn’t the Murder House getting crowded at this point?

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