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Now that "Red Tide" has ended, can we agree that 'American Horror Story: Double Feature' is the best? See what fans have to say about the latest season.

Do fans think ‘American Horror Story: Double Feature’ is the best season?

As “Red Tide” closes the first half of American Horror Story: Double Feature, fans on Twitter are pouring their heart out on what most believe is the show’s best season. This is a strong statement considering American Horror Story has brought us masterful seasons like Murder House, Asylum, and Coven.

We took to Twitter to find some of the best opinions & memes on the latest season of the show. Fair warning, these tweets contain spoilers. Here are some rightful takes on this season of American Horror Story.

We need more of Sarah Paulson & Macaulay Culkin

Even if you don’t agree that Double Feature is the best season, you can still appreciate the greatness of this duo.

Move over Ben Harmon, Harry Gardner is here

It’s also clear that this season brought us the absolute worst spouse from the series.

Doris deserved better

Lily Rabe rightfully deserves more recognition for her role as Doris.

Meanwhile, Alma deserves these hands

If we could physically fight anyone from the series, it’s got to be Alma.

Creepy bird lady returns

This one is just so wrong but so right.

Sarah Paulson & Lily Rabe. That’s it.

Their acting has always been outstanding butDouble Feature” truly shows us that Rabe & Paulson are just on a different level from the rest.

Let him die, please

Is it wrong that we all want him dead? No.

A long, chaotic journey

It’s definitely been one wild ride. . .


Bald headed & terrifying

Sorry, Ryan Murphy but it’s the truth.

Gone, but never forgotten

The icons of the best season of American Horror Story.

What did you think of “Red Tide”? Which season of American Horror Story do you think is the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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