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Could the latest season of 'American Horror Story' be the best yet? The new teaser for the show just dropped, and we're shook. Find out the deets here.

‘American Horror Story’: Could ‘Double Feature’ be the series best season?

Could we be getting the best season of American Horror Story yet? After all, what the heck is going on in the new promo that just came out? While we can ensure that every single trailer and teaser dropped by the horror TV show is bound to be creepy and cryptic, this one was just a bit out of the ordinary. While we’re not sure exactly what’s going on, let’s take a look at the few things we do know so far about the new season here. 

Double Feature 

The new teaser that has been released for American Horror Story: Double Feature suggests that this season may really be the best yet, although we still have yet to know too many details on what exactly it’s going to be about. However, the very mysterious trailer did indeed leave some clues for viewers to speculate on. By looking at all the visuals we received from the teaser, let’s take a few guesses on what we can all expect. 

First off, the teaser opens with humongous waves about to crash against windy sandy dunes as ground separates them straight in the middle. In the background, we can see what appears to be possibly a lighthouse. “Two worlds collide” flashes on the screen at one point in the teaser, so we’re sure the clashing of sand and water is quite symbolic to the prominent theme of contrast that we’re expected to see out of this new season. 

The teaser also did mention that there will be two parts of the new season, hence the title “Double Feature”. The first part will be called “Red Tide”, and the second part of the season will be titled “Death Valley”. So now we know for sure that water and earth will be two very crucial themes and elements to the latest season of American Horror Story. Not only will we see some scary weather though, but also some supernatural elements. 


In the brand new teaser of American Horror Story, the crew promises the best season yet by stating the new season is “twice the terror”. Of course, that’s an incredibly bold claim considering all the other scary moments this show has given us, but we’re definitely up for this challenge. While tides and deserts are a big theme in the season, it seems like we can also prepare to see some terrifying science fiction themes as well. 

The teaser gives us some supernatural elements such as aliens and monsters. There are graphics of a monster with some pretty sharp teeth screaming around in the water, so could this mean we’ll be seeing some mermans in this season? The teaser also suggests that aliens will be a big part of the new season as well. In one moment the monster and alien even face each other and wrap their tongues around each other. . . Interesting. . . 

Some other weird moments that can be found in the brand new teaser include what appears to be a violin made out of raw meat, that ends up getting cut with a knife by an alien. Aliens also perform surgery on a human body at another point in the teaser. An alien lays down on the beach as the waves crash over them in another part, and the merman-looking-thing bends his neck back in the water and shimmies his shoulders. 

What the heck? Yes, we’re just as confused as you, but we trust that American Horror Story really will give us the best season yet. However we should include that sometimes, not everything in the AHS teasers actually ends up in the actual season, so the themes of aliens, mermans, water, and sand may just be purely symbolic in the upcoming season of American Horror Story

The cast for the new season will bring in new talents to the show like Macaulay Culkin and Neal McDonough filled with old cast members such as Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Frances Conroy, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, Finn Wittrock, Denis O’Hare, Matt Bomer, and John Carroll Lynch. The new season will premiere on FX on August 25th, and we can’t wait to see what new horrors it’ll bring.

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