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Hide under the blankets because a new scary killer is making his way to the 'Dead by Daylight' franchise. React to the chilling news with these memes.

‘Dead by Daylight’: See how fans reacted to this surprising killer

Since 2016, the survival horror game Dead by Daylight has expanded its cast of killers. In the asymmetrical game, survivors must work together to avoid the deadly killer and escape with their lives. Though developer Behavior Interactive has developed a roster of terrifying original killers, fans love to see their favorite villains from the world of horror films join the Dead by Daylight cast.

Fan favorites like Resident Evil’s Nemesis, Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head, Saw’s Amanda Young, and even Freddy Krueger have joined the roster of killers in Dead by Daylight. After hinting at the newest addition to the cast, it has finally been announced that the latest killer will be none other than the Cenobite Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise.

Take a look at the buzz surrounding the latest new character.

It is official

You opened the box so he came to Dead by Daylight.

That’s gotta hurt!

This is one killer move.

The rumors are true

He’s got such sights to show you.

This is fine

An interdimensional traveller being stopped dead in his tracks by a bit of wood makes perfect sense to me.

Is Pinhead camp?

Pinhead has a killer outfit.

Looking good

We could dream of this saucy alternate costume.

Chatty Cathy

The Chatterer would make a really cool killer.

Open wide

I guess some people don’t mind it.


You know what happens if you open the box, right? This might not be the best idea.

Final girl

Some gamers wanted to see Kirsty Cotton added to the game. She’s a great character

What do you think about the latest killer on the cast of Dead by Daylight? Let us know in the comments!

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