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'Dead by Daylight' is an intense survival horror game where players must try to escape a murderous killer. Here are the scariest 'DBD' killers.

‘Dead By Daylight’: 8 of the strongest ‘DBD’ killers ever

Dead by Daylight is an intense survival horror game where players must try to escape a murderous killer. The stakes are raised with each passing round as you face off against a variety of powerful and deadly enemies from all different backgrounds. In this article, we’ll take a look at 8 of the strongest killers ever released in Dead by Daylight, and what makes them so fearsome.

The first entry on our list is Michael Myers, the infamous shape-shifter from the Halloween horror franchise. Michael has the power to blend into his surroundings and move unseen, making him extremely difficult to track down once he’s on your tail. He can also use his trusty knife to quickly dispatch survivors who dare venture too close!

The second contender is Ghostface, the relentless serial killer from Scream fame. Ghostface brings terror with him wherever he goes thanks to his signature mask and voice changer – survivors will be hard-pressed to identify him until it’s too late! He also has access to various traps which he can use for strategic advantage when pursuing his prey.

Our third strongest Dead by Daylight killer is Nemesis from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This mutated monster was designed for one thing – destruction – and he certainly lives up to that expectation! His unparalleled speed coupled with his ability to regenerate health make him nearly unstoppable when he’s on the hunt.

At number four we have Pyramid Head, the menacing monster from Silent Hill 2. Although this towering figure may seem slow-moving at first glance, don’t be fooled – he possesses lightning-fast reflexes which allow him to catch even the best-trained survivors off guard in an instant! And if that didn’t seem scary enough, Pyramid Head also has a terrifying ‘Great Knife’ at its disposal – allowing lethal attacks with little effort.

Number five us takes Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre – proudly wields chainsaw watch helpless terrified survivors quiver in fear! Not only does it give killing potential, but it also serves protection; Leatherface is seemingly indestructible due armor plate around the body.

Next, we move on to Exorcist 2K20, a creature that emerged from an ancient abyss to wreak havoc across the realm. It uses powerful telekinetic powers to levitate itself above ground almost fly-like manner as well as attack any survivor nearby using energy orbs. What makes a truly formidable opponent, however, is the invisibility cloak; making it impossible to tell where attacking from.

Wrapping our list up seventh spot Jason Voorhees Friday 13th series. Boasting special abilities similar to Leatherface, including regenerative capabilities, Jason distinguished himself by being able to survive extreme temperatures & terrains unscathed! Last but not least eighth place comes Freddy Krueger’s 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street Reboot; armed glove razor blades & twisted imagination Freddy is known to blur the line between dreams and nightmares in order to finish victims off!

Given the staggering amount of killers available to choose from Dead By Daylight, these 8 truly stand out pack when it comes to the hostile threats they pose to players! From shapeshifters possessed demons these ruthless executions certainly keep us all guessing next time fear lurking shadows.

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