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Got you, didn’t we? Now you’re sufficiently spooked, delve deeper into the depths of the dark side with a murder of devilish, demonic, and zombified offerings from the

Ready for some spooks? Sure, it might be the month of love, but in 2018, Halloween should be considered a year-long event. There's a stack of horror flicks

The Shining is an immortal work. It might just be the greatest horror film ever made. Stanley Kubrick’s puzzling film has, for decades, enraptured audiences and left critics

Written and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein, ‘Angelica’ is a spellbinding ghost story about desire, repression and its consequences.

‘Tragedy Girls’ is a twist on the slasher genre from Tyler MacIntyre, following two death-obsessed teenage girls.

After the death of their friend, a group of old college friends embark on a hiking trip through an unnerving Scandinavian forest in ‘The Ritual’.

Acclaimed director and hero of horror, George Romero, has died at 77 after a short but aggressive battle with cancer. Romero’s work first mesmerized audiences in 1968 with Night

Horror is part of the human race’s narrative history; we have been fascinated by it since we started scratching stories on our cave walls. Nothing clears away the

Bullets of Justice first appeared on our radar in February. An independent television series made by a group of friends, the project successfully managed to round up more