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Steeped in romanticism, gothic horror movies tend to revolve around a central story of love at odds with a supernatural world and a period story haunted by an

There’s a lot of anticipation for Robert Eggers’s follow up to 'The Witch' but so far very little is known about 'The Lighthouse'. Here’s our ranking of the

If there’s one thing the #MeToo movement definitely doesn’t need right now it’s for a knight in shining armor to come swooping in on his white horse to

Your appointment at the nail salon has been booked, ladies and gentleman – season two of TNT’s gloriously garish crime-drama 'Claws' is set to drop on June 10.

Jordan Peele is on fire and it only took one movie to launch him into international success. After the critical and commercial powerhouse that was his directorial debut,

Listen up horror junkies, because there's a lot happening in the horosphere this week. From the follow up to Jordan Peele's indie hit 'Get Out' to the next

Stay Up All Night, taking place on May 10, is designed to raise awareness of all those heroes among us who have to work night shifts. In celebration,

We have something really disturbing to share with you: 'Friday the 13th' is almost 40 years old. The movie premiered on May 9, 1980 and changed the shape

That’s right – it’s National Twilight Zone Day. Dedicated to celebrating Rod Serling’s remarkable, groundbreaking show 'The Twilight Zone' – which aired from 1956 till 1964 – May