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This week, by popular demand, our rewatch challenge is spicing things up a little with a couple of new contenders: Wynonna Earp and Midnight, Texas.

Help us #SaveSaturdays with our fourth rewatch challenge

Hey, superfan! We hope you’ve been enjoying our rewatch challenges so far and, most importantly, that you tuned in earlier this week for the thrilling return of our #SaveSaturdays fave, Shadowhunters.

This week we’ve been thrilled and humbled to receive more emails than we ever anticipated for our series of interviews celebrating your favorite show. It’s been a wild ride reading all your stories about how Shadowhunters and other series have become such important parts of your lives, and we’re so excited to take this journey with you.

Here’s hoping all our campaigning, fandom events, and shouting from the rooftops will finally get Freeform to sit up and notice the vast crowds of fans out there who are still 100% dedicated to the best fantasy show on TV. This week, by popular demand, our rewatch challenge is spicing things up a little with a couple of new contenders: Wynonna Earp and Midnight, Texas. The fans have been crazy vocal on these unjust cancellations, so for those not in the know, we’re focusing on first episodes and pilots for this week’s challenge.

If you’ve just finished your third or fourth rewatch of your fave show, take this opportunity to justify fully going right back to the start. Or, if one of your besties hasn’t yet been introduced to the glorious world of Shadowhunters, Dark Matter, or Timeless, now’s your chance to get them hooked.

Check out the list below and get tweeting @FilmDailyNews!

Shadowhunters “The Mortal Cup” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon & Hulu

The Pandemonium nightclub fully lives up to its name in this insanely gripping first episode of Film Daily’s fave. Unassuming art student Clary Fray discovers she’s part of a hidden world of vampires, demons, and sexy Shadowhunters who protect the mortal world from supernatural terrors. If you’ve never seen the show before, prepare to get addicted.

Timeless “Pilot” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon & Hulu

Timeless is all about taking iconic events in American history that you thought you knew and shaking it up with a sci-fi twist, while still remaining educational, action-packed, and completely gripping in the process.

In this first episode the gang travels back to 1937. Flynn prevents the Hindenburg disaster for seemingly villainous purposes and Lucy stumbles upon her first clue to discovering the secret behind Rittenhouse. Boom, you’ve just discovered your new favorite show.

Wynonna Earp “Purgatory” (S01E01)

Find it on Netflix

Wynonna Earp has to have the wildest premise on TV right now, but it’s usually the craziest concepts that make for the best series. Wynonna is the great-great-granddaughter of wild west lawman Wyatt Earp, and is also in possession of the powerful “Peacemaker” revolver that has the ability to send revenants (the reincarnated outlaws slain by her ancestor) straight back to hell.

Hooked yet? Catch the first episode and you definitely will be, especially if you spent the runup to Christmas addicted to Red Dead Redemption 2.

Midnight, Texas “Pilot” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon

Vampires, witches, werecreatures, ghosts. Midnight, Texas’s cancellation unfortunately means this supernatural adventure won’t ever replace the gaping hole left by Shadowhunters, but if you’re itching for some occultish nightmares, ghoulish mishaps, and a generous helping of sexy drama, look no further than the latest adaptation of True Blood author Charlaine Harris’s vampiric saga.

Colony “Pilot” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon

We’re all about bold, bonkers, and brilliant genre shows here at Film Daily, but Colony was an effective and sobering reminder that a post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting would in all likelihood be bleak and depressing as hell. If you can stomach monochrome bunkers, sloppy violence, and a cold, extraterrestrial onslaught from alien oppressors, this might be the show for you.

Hannibal “Apéritif” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon

Find out why everyone was feeling guilty as hell from 2013 to 2015. There certainly were a number of reasons stemming from this show, not least being how good we thought a literal serial killer looked in an impeccably tailored suit, but we primarily had our stomachs turned every week by an array of sumptuous feasts prepared with human flesh that almost looked good enough to tempt us into cannibalism.

Everything Sucks! “Plutonium” (S01E01)

Find it on Netflix

Our favorite LGBT underdog deserved so much better than one measly shortlived Netflix season. After watching the first episode, you’ll want to keep going until you realize it’s 3am and you’ve spent the last four hours crying about the fictional lives of a group of high schoolers.

Sense8 “Limbic Resonance” (S01E01)

Find it on Netflix

Not quite as nihilistic as Colony but not exactly a picnic either, the Wachowskis’ latest project follows the psychically interconnected lives of eight sensates, unrelated individuals who can read each others’ thoughts. The inventive filmmakers haven’t exactly been known for stirring works of genius since The Matrix’s heyday, but trust us when we say it’s their best work for years.

Dark Matter “Episode 1” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon

Dark Matter has to have one of the most infuriating season finales for a cancelled show out there, so don’t come crying to us if our rewatch challenge got you hooked and you come back next week demanding answers. We warned you. It’s still three season’s worth of glorious escapism and, while season 3 might leave you pissed, we promise you’ll never regret starting it.

Scorpion “Pilot” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon & CBS All Access

Scorpion has all the trappings of a cheesy, shoot on the fly B-Movie, but the cast is so endearing that we couldn’t help but be charmed by its spirit. It became a must for TV fans who needed a quick action fix every week, and you can’t go wrong with a pilot directed by Fast & Furious alum Justin Lin.

Ash vs. Evil Dead “El Jefe” (S01E01)

Find it on Amazon

Fire up your old VCR, dig out the dusty copies of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead trilogy, and make sure your up to scratch with the demonic adventures of Ash Williams and his battles with the undead. Then fast forward thirty years t0 his long-awaited return to corpse-slashing and skeleton-crunching with the Spider-Man director’s return to what made him a household name for horror enthusiasts. The first episode of the highly anticipated comeback tour is gory, insane, and, most of all, groovy from start to finish, and it only gets gnarlier.

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