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'Sanditon' fans were delighted to hear about Netflix’s latest series called 'Bridgerton'. What happened to 'Sanditon''s season 2?

Netflix: After the ‘Bridgerton’ success why not buy ‘Sanditon’ season 2?

When you’re a fan of period dramas you’re rarely a casual fan – there’s room in your heart for all the period dramas you can get your hands on – provided they don’t completely suck.

So, Sanditon fans were delighted to hear about Netflix’s latest series called Bridgerton. It’s a Shonda Rhimes production filled with brightly colored ball gowns, salacious scandals, and engrossing romance. Bridgerton was practically an instant success as fans of period romance flocked to the streaming site, in order to watch all eight episodes, causing it to skyrocket to the top of Netflix’s daily top 10 list – and stay there.

Bridgerton’s success should be something for Netflix to note: period drama fans are vast in number (almost surprisingly so), and they’re extremely dedicated fans. Anyone who’s in the Sanditon fandom can attest to this. Now that Netflix has learned this lesson first hand, is there anything logically stopping them from giving Sanditon its much deserved season 2?

Not a niche

Period romance dramas would probably be deemed a niche genre by most people. Likely they’d imagine it to be a very specific demographic – one that’s small and filled with casual watchers. This clearly isn’t the case. The Sanditon Sisterhood has proved time and again for over a year now that they’re in large numbers and engage with content deeply. (Seriously, we’re still not over the massive sand mural.)

If the Sanditon fans’ dedication wasn’t enough, Netflix has now seen first-hand just how beloved period dramas are. Bridgerton was highly anticipated from the moment of its announcement, and has been watched nearly rabidly by fans of the book series, as well everyone else who enjoys a good ballroom dance filled with sexual tension.

It just makes sense

It would be a logical move for Netflix to pick up Sanditon and give it a season 2 after seeing the popularity of Bridgerton. Netflix loves shows that brings them new subscriptions, and anyone who fell in love with Sanditon would happily sign up for Netflix to finally see their Jane Austen happily ever after if they don’t already have an account.

Plus, anyone who hasn’t heard of Sanditon might learn of it because Netflix is a media giant these days, creating an even larger audience for a show that already comes with a huge built-in fanbase.

They have the budget

Netflix pours money into their productions – easily making blockbuster quality films & shows that you can stream on your living room TV. Just take a look at their original sci-fi content for proof.

Period dramas can be expensive, with the need for intricate costumes, period-correct props, and often a need for sets that at the very least look like massive British estates (if they aren’t actually filmed in one).

Netflix wouldn’t break a sweat creating a budget for Sanditon. Not only are they an insanely profitable company, but they just made Bridgerton, which has all the same needs as Sanditon.

Remember Money Heist?

Another great case example is Money Heist. A Spanish television show that was liked, but saw waning support as episodes aired on its national TV station. Then Netflix picked the show up for more seasons and it became one of the most globally most popular shows.

The show is a hit, translated into countless languages, and even adored by American audiences who are notorious for hating to read subtitles.

Sanditon is primed and ready to follow in Money Heist’s footsteps if Netflix were to add the show to their catalog and film season 2. In fact, Sanditon is coming with a bigger starting audience with over 79,000 signatures on a petition and more than 50,000 interactions on the #SaveSanditon hashtag every day on Twitter.

What now?

Amazon Prime once gave fans of Sanditon hope they were considering picking up the show for season 2 with some cryptic, but exciting tweets. It would be a genius move for Netflix to poach the series. Not only would it potentially take a boon from their competitor who, according to the creators of Sanditon, haven’t officially passed on the show, but it would just be smart business.

We’ve spent lots of time petitioning Amazon Prime to give Sanditon the ending it deserves, but now that Netflix is starting to see how ardent our love is for all things dramatic & romantic, perhaps they’ll be more keen to our pleas.

Let’s make sure Netflix hears our argument for why they should add Sanditon to their line-up of 2021 productions by tweeting, sharing this article, requesting the show on their request form, and always using the ever-important #SaveSanditon hashtag.

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  • I agree with everything here. Please someone #SaveSanditon. We need it finished. Your support is always soo appreciated.

    December 29, 2020
  • #SaveSanditon

    December 29, 2020
  • I agree with the success of Bridgeton, Sanditon and Beecham House should be picked up for their next instalments. After all Sanditon is a Jane Austen inspired tale that should never have been abandoned. Come on Netflix give Sanditon and Beecham House another season fans worldwide would love this.

    December 30, 2020
  • Save#Sanditon 2 pleaaaaaaase.

    March 17, 2021

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