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If you're like us then you're already itching to hear news about 'Bridgerton' season 2. Here's what we know about the show's future.

When will ‘Bridgerton’ season 2 drop? Check out the latest details

Bridgerton hasn’t even been on Netflix for a full week, but we’re already jumping out of our metaphorical petticoats with desire to see another season of Shonaland’s new Regency era drama.

The show is aesthetically pleasing, well paced, and narrated by none other than Julie Andrews. It’s almost like someone looked at our list of TV shows wants and mashed a bunch of them into one fantastic show.

So, when can we lay our eyes upon new brightly colored gowns and scandalous affairs? Here’s what we know at the moment.

Production rumors

Many of us likely haven’t even finished the first season of Bridgerton yet, however with only eight episodes to satiate our desire for good period romance content it’s understandable that you might be crossing your fingers for another season to come quickly down the line.

The rumor mill is saying that Bridgerton may begin production as early as March of 2021 – that’s practically a mere three months away! However, it would also be prudent to keep in mind that Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the show for a second season.

We’re feeling optimistic, though. Netflix usually waits to see how shows do on the platform before officially renewing them, and Bridgerton has been proudly jockeying between the first & second spots on Netflix’s daily top 10 list. Only George Clooney’s new movie The Midnight Sky is giving the show a run for its money.

There’s one thing that makes us antsy for answers – even if Bridgerton does film in March we may not get the show as soon as we’d like. While we imagine the post-production for a show like Bridgerton isn’t quite as arduous as a sci-fi or fantasy show, it’s possible Netflix will want to premiere season 2 in late December just like they did this year. This would mean a full year-long wait for more of Lady Whistledown’s scalding hot tea.

Case for Bridgerton

If you’re reading this article, but haven’t yet given Bridgerton a watch yet, let us give you a spoiler-free recommendation as to why you should watch it as soon as you can.

The show’s costumes are absolutely beautiful. Sure, they aren’t exactly entirely period-accurate – they’re anachronistic in their bold patterns and bright colors, but honestly, who cares? They’re fabulous to look at, and we’ve seen plenty of period dramas with pale dresses and somber-suited men. This fresh take on antique wardrobes is delightful.

The characters are immediately likable (and occasionally immediately detestable in the love-to-hate-them kind of way.) They use all the pretty fancy words & phrases we’ve become accustomed to hearing in Regency era shows & movies, but the actors say them so casually & naturally they still feel like real people. 

Most shows of this nature make every character feel pretentious. In Bridgerton only the actually pretentious characters come across this way.

And finally, the first episode gifts you with a budding fake dating trope – a true favorite amongst lovers of romance stories. We won’t tell you anymore about it because we promised to remain spoiler free, so you’ll have to watch it yourself to know more.


If you haven’t seen Bridgerton yet, then you’re missing out. Go add it to your Netflix list and start up the first episode.

Netflix would be absolutely remiss not to renew this Shonda Rhimes show as soon as humanly possible. There’s plenty of source material to keep working with (the show is based on a book series), and plenty of opportunity to create new storylines.

If you’ve already seen all eight episodes of Bridgerton tell us your favorite part of the show in the comments down below!

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