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Even with his megamillion net worth, George Clooney cuts his own hair. What's in his crazy DIY haircut arsenal? Find out here.

Why is George Clooney cutting his own hair with such a huge net worth?

We can say with complete confidence that George Clooney is one of the most suave & stylish guys out there – not to mention his net worth is astonishing. So, when we caught wind that Clooney cuts his own hair, we were shocked to say the least!

First-hand evidence

There have been long-standing rumors Clooney has been maintaining that chic cut himself, but we only just got to see it up-close & personal. On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Clooney & Kimmel showed off their very own Flowbees. A Flowbee is a haircutting device originating in the 80s and is a combination of hair clippers and a vacuum to suck up the severed hairs. Yes, it’s even crazier than it sounds. 

Clooney might very well be onto something, though. With hair salons closing down or being generally unsafe due to the COVID pandemic, people have been forced to get creative with their hair. So, we’re not surprised Fortune magazine reported a surge in Flowbee sales back in March, right at the beginning of the lockdown.

Still, the Flowbee is a notoriously goofy device. The instrument was hilariously riffed in Wayne’s World, Glee, and The Nanny, but that doesn’t seem to bother Clooney.

George and the Flowbee

Clooney recently told CBS Sunday Morning he’s spent some of his net worth on a Flowbee to cut his own hair for twenty-five years. “My haircuts take literally two minutes,” he explained. “Listen man, it works!” He added that his “hair’s really like straw, so it’s easy to cut. You really can’t make too many mistakes.”

What does Amal think of the Flowbee?

Clooney’s wife of six years, Amal, is pretty much as stylish as they come. So, of course, we were super curious to hear what she thought of her husband’s DIY haircuts. Does Amal think his net worth should be spent on Flowbees or salon-style cuts? 

During an interview about his latest film The Midnight Sky, Clooney told ET’s Kevin Frazier his wife was initially confused by the apparatus. At first, she had no idea what it was. 

Clooney described the scene: “It requires two lugs because one is the vacuum and one is the trimmer, believe me, I think my wife a few years ago, she came in and saw me use it, it makes this sound, it sounds like a hurricane, and she goes, ‘What are you doing?’ I go, ‘I am cutting my hair, yeah.’” 

Clooney also joked about how he had suddenly become something of a spokesperson for the company. “Yeah,” he said, “I know I should have bought stock in the company before I said anything, it’s screwed up.” 

People on Twitter quickly began to joke about Clooney’s accidental Flowbee campaign. One user wrote: “Because 2020 couldn’t get any weirder, Flowbee is about to be Christmas’ hottest gift. Thank you George Clooney.” Another stated: “Well this must be the best unexpected PR in history for the good people at Flowbee . . .”

When asked if Clooney trusts the device enough to use it on his son’s hair, however, he answered: “No, but I do cut my son’s hair. I have to cut his hair, not with a Flowbee though, I have to cut his hair because I want him to be able to see. But listen, we are doing all kinds of stuff just to get through, you know?”

Clooney also added that he wouldn’t recommend the device to Amal, telling the interviewer: “Listen, man, it works. Now, you know . . . I wouldn’t do it to my wife.” Hopefully Amal can treat herself to a professional hairstylist, considering their handsome net worth. But would we let Clooney give us a Flowbee haircut? We plead the fifth. 


Regardless of what George does to his hair, the style sure is working for him. Let’s just add “hairdresser” to his long list of talents. 

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