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‘The Queen’s Gambit’ has become a massive hit for Netflix. Here are some of the show’s best fashion lewks.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’: All the best lewks from the Netflix series

Netflix’s limited series The Queen’s Gambit is one of the year’s most popular shows. It’s been praised for its writing, cinematography, and especially its period costumes. Set in the 1950s & 1960s, viewers get to see an array of polished garments perfectly fitting the times. 

German costume designer Gabriele Binder gave Beth Harmon (Anya Taylor-Joy) tons of looks that people on social media are absolutely loving. Even when Beth decides to wear a simpler outfit, the intricate detailing & styling make nearly all of her outfits stylish and stunning to look at. Here are some of the greatest looks from the chess-prodigy.

Minty-fresh dress

She may be (severely) hungover in this scene, but our first glimpse of Beth shows she can still turn a look even while recovering from the night before. This mint-green dress is smartly lined with black. The green & black bow at the top amps up the style on this simple loosely-fitted dress.

Beth’s new dress

We knew Beth would be a fashion icon when her first new dress turned out to be this classic cut with a white button-down shirt. Of course, she showed off her new look at a chess tournament. Similar to the chessboard, it features a black & white square pattern, which is only the first of a series of outfits paralleling Beth’s favorite game.

Modest black getup

Donning an all-black plaid dress & button-down, Beth has a smart-looking tie on the collar of the outfit. Even at a young age, Beth shows her strength in styling. Even though she wore one outfit during her time in the orphanage, she seems to have taken fashion in stride.

Adorable A-line dress

Having just graduated high school, Beth opted for this cute black & white peter pan collar dress. With a beaded collar & tiny tied bow, the details on this outfit help make the look a standout dress

Black & white checkers

Beth wears many dresses, but none fit as perfectly as this checkered dress. Symmetrical as ever, the lines of this dress compliment her figure while she also wears a modest cropped black sweater to match.

Pairing patterns

Beth shows she isn’t afraid of patterns with this casual outfit, pairing a gorgeous black & white printed shirt and a cozy brown & white sweater. She seems to really like this sweater since she wears it multiple times in the episode. 

Red, white, & black squares

You can call the fifth episode of the series the “Pattern Episode” because she seems to love patterned shirts, like this one with red & black lined squares. She also wears a stylish black sheer scarf around her head, matching her skirt. Shout out to Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s Benny Watts for styling this all-black outfit with a leather coat & cowboy hat.

Red & blue stripes

Beth shows she knows how to perfectly match a shirt & skirt in this blue & red combo. She wore a lot of button-downs in this episode, but Beth chose to wear this sleek getup with a pleated skirt. Shout out to Benny for having such a consistent wardrobe.

Getting cozy with chess

Just call Beth Harmon the queen of sweaters because this cozy outfit is a perfect wintry look. With skin-tight pants & a giant white sweater, she shows how she can still play chess and look comfy while studying.

Beth’s Twiggy look

Like many women in the 60s, it looks like Beth was inspired by the revolutionary Twiggy. Putting aside the eyeliner, Beth has a comfy mustard yellow sweater & black coat along with a minty knitted beanie. The interesting color combo doesn’t sound fashionable on paper, but Beth, like all of her other outfits, manages to pull it off.

Turtleneck realness

Beth shows she can perfectly pull off a turtleneck in this long-sleeved dark green shirt. It’s paired well with a black pleated skirt. Against her red curls, the outfit is a dream in black & dark green.

Becoming a real queen

Beth usually prefers darker colors, but she opted for an almost all-white look with a white hat, coat, & pants. But, of course, the black shirt underneath off-sets the white very well. It may look warm, but it’s also incredibly stylish. Even better, the hat is achingly similar to the queen piece. It’s a great touch, so kudos to the costume department. 

Bonus: Netflix Queue photoshoot

Okay, so this photoshoot wasn’t in the show. But shout out to the costuming in this Netflix Queue photoshoot with Anya Taylor-Joy & Thomas Brodie-Sangster. They both look stunningly stylish in these getups that are both period pieces, but also have a tinge of modern sensibility. Plus they look great on a boat.

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