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Christine Quinn is without a doubt a style icon. Here's how you can look just as fabulous as the 'Selling Sunset' mean girl.

Want to be as fashionable as Christine Quinn? Here’s how

There’s no denying Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn is a style icon. Episode after episode, Quinn gives us iconic looks left & right that we eat up every time. The resident mean girl of the Oppenheim Group knows how to put together a jaw-dropping ensemble. 

It’s no surprise fans constantly ask Christine Quinn about her style and where she shops. Who wouldn’t want to try and pull off that rainbow jacket Quinn wore? The good news is Christine Quinn has let fans in on the truth behind her gorgeous outfits, and how you too can pull off dark red lipstick. 

Be rich AF 

Looking like a million bucks doesn’t come cheap. If you want to look like the kind of person who sells multi-million dollar homes, you need to be willing to cough up some cash. While there isn’t an exact number about how much Christine Quinn spends on clothes, her closet is full of designer brands.

When she was talking to about her quarantine style, Christine Quinn admitted she bought multiple pairs of Louis Vuitton slippers, so she could own them in every color. Just know if you truly want to look like Quinn, you’ll probably go into debt buying designer brands. If you’re not a millionaire, though, there are still ways to channel Quinn’s fashion sense.

Don’t be afraid to alter something

While Christine Quinn would never be seen without a Michael Kors bag now, there was a time Quinn couldn’t afford the designer brands. But even then, she had a love for the expensive brands. “I worked in a mall and admired the [Louis Vuitton] store every time I walked past it.”

Since she couldn’t actually afford those clothes, Quinn would instead transform her cheaper outfits into something grander. Whether it was through sewing, mixing and matching, or dying, Quinn made something new that looked like it could be designer. You can easily do the same to your plain shirts from Kohls & JC Penney’s. 

Mix & match

Even Christine Quinn, queen of the pant suit, will put two completely unique pieces together to create a stellar new outfit. Part of fashion is experimenting and trying something out there. Combining your favorite pieces, like layering a blazer over one of your club tops, will allow for more options.

While talking with Fashionista, Quinn shared she initially started with the one-piece dresses & pant suits when she broke into real estate. “But I learned that it didn’t matter what I wore. People didn’t care. They wanted to work with me for who I was.” 

From there, she moved into the more outlandish outfits we see on Selling Sunset. No longer was Quinn just playing a part. “That’s when I was actually more successful, is when I was just dressing myself and being myself.”

Heels are not realistic

Sure, Christine Quinn and the rest of the Selling Sunset ladies are clicking around the Oppenheim Group in the fanciest heels. But Quinn also revealed in her Fashionista interview that’s all for the show. So if you don’t want to wear heels, don’t feel like you have to. 

“I try to be in flats as much as possible. Or if I’m at open houses, I’ll just bring my shoes with me and a pair of flats as well. Because, yeah, we can’t walk in those all day long. No way. They’re so uncomfortable.”

It’s all about the confidence

Arguably the most important style tip Christine Quinn gives in her interviews is to flaunt it. Whether your outfit costs one dollar or a thousand dollars, your attitude is how people will perceive your look. 

“I feel like I could wear a Fashion Nova getup and a Balenciaga getup and no one would know the difference. I feel like it’s all about the way that you carry it, and how you present it and style it. Because sometimes you’d be shocked by the outfits that I come up with.”

There is nothing more fashionable than a bright smile. If you want more style inspiration, check out the best lewks from Christine Quinn over all three seasons of Selling Sunset.

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