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No matter the occasion, Christine Quinn shows off her fashion skills. Here are some of the Realtor’s best looks that solidify her style icon status.

Here’s why Christine Quinn is the ‘Selling Sunset’ style icon

Who said real estate couldn’t be glamorous? Selling Sunset’s Christine Quinn may be a real estate agent, but she’s nothing less than a style icon. Netflix’s hit reality show introduced the world to a new fashion queen who’s always dressed to the nines. Quinn has a wide range of style – from girly-girly to edgy af – and constantly manages to make a statement with her bold outfits & intricate detailing. 

Whether it’s a casual coffee meeting or a company event, Quinn consistently shows off her fashion skills. Here are some of the Realtor’s best looks that solidify her style icon status.

Quinn’s casual work outfit

This look is polished and a little risque; it’s the classic Christine Quinn combo. The bold pants & blazer paired with a black see-through shirt is a fantastic example of Quinn’s fashionable mix of edge & glamor. And, you know, it’s just a casual look in the life of Christine Quinn.

Quinn is a professional style icon

Green is a difficult color. How does Christine do it? She pulls off every color imaginable and styles her outfits impeccably. Quinn is serving executive realness in this divine look. 

Christine’s airplane look

Even when stepping off an airplane, Quinn looks like she just walked off the fashion runway (rather than the airport jetway). Quinn makes it look too easy in pinstripe white suit & 90s sunglasses.

Christine’s version of loungewear

Christine Quinn wears comfy clothes, too! She’s just like us! Well, not entirely. She is covered in Balenciaga. Nevertheless, Quinn looks like she’s wearing her stay-at-home best in this comfy sweater & beanie pairing. 

Old Hollywood glamor with an edge

Quinn may be attending a Thanksgiving dinner, but she’s not sacrificing style sensibilities in this all-gold look. The agent comes off like a reincarnated Marilyn Monroe, casually sporting a white fur shawl with her bombshell blonde updo. Even with a classic silhouette, Quinn never fails to give a little bit of edge, accessorizing with a spiked gold necklace. 

Quinn is a detail-oriented queen

Christine looks like a statue of a goddess in her engagement party look. It’s a taste of what she had in store for her wedding, but this lingerie-inspired look is both incredibly sexy – and stunningly gorgeous. 

The dress itself is fairly simple, but Quinn’s styling makes this outfit stand out. The necklace paired with cinched dress creates a fantastic ensemble that makes onlookers want to be Christine Quinn. 

The “Goth Barbie” wedding dress

Quinn pulled all the stops with this immaculate black wedding gown. Always standing out from the crowd, Quinn isn’t afraid of breaking tradition – and she broke wedding tradition in the most fashionable way possible. The bodice is gorgeously detailed with its intricate design of lace & embroidered flowers. 

From head to toe, Quinn looks incredible. This wedding gown is a pure testament to Quinn’s eye for fashion & her unique sense of style.

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