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Cast member Elektra is the drag mother of all drag mothers, serving stunning looks in every episode of 'Pose'. Here are a few favorite lewks.

Pride month: The lewks proving Elektra is the most fab on ‘Pose’

Never doubt Elektra. Elektra is the drag mother of all drag mothers, serving stunning looks in every episode of Pose. From casual looks to luxurious gowns on the runway, Elektra has the power to stun an entire room. 

There are so many lewks to choose from; here are some of Elektra’s best. 

Black & white perfection (S1E1)

Right from the first episode of Pose, Elektra proves to be the fashion queen. She isn’t even on stage, but Elektra slays this dinner party look. The outfit is bold with heavy white lining that creates a perfect V neckline. The stunning hat & scarf combo and gold jewelry are gorgeous accessories that balance out the rest of the outfit. 

All-black rematch look (S1E2)

The neckline! The feathers! The beading! Elektra proves to be a queen who can seamlessly go from the horse races to the stage – and she’s still able to slay the runway without missing a single beat. 

This was one of the first challenges on the ballroom in Pose and Elektra proved herself with this look that she elevates via her prowess. Strutting down the stage and shaking the long tassels give the look more depth & fluidity. While she wears this look during a challenge against Blanca, Elektra rightfully regains respect with this outfit. 

Red winter look (S1E4)

Those knee-high boots are high fashion. And when she adds the matching fur hat and coat? Elektra takes opulence to the next level. 

The look is a perfect combination of leather and fur, making a gorgeous winter look while casually taking the Salvation Army donations from Santa. It may be daytime, but on Pose, Elektra dresses as if the whole world is a stage. 

Mother-Daughter Realness challenge: Spring colors (S1E5)

Elektra wears this look for another signature Pose ballroom challenge. This time, she poses with her house family in bright pastels. 

It’s simple, but Elektra’s impeccable styling makes this look especially stand out. The huge cape & bow paired with skin-tight black catsuit is a fantastic combo. Every element is thought through, with yellow earrings & nails to match. Elektra steals the entire runway from her drag family with this one look. 


House vs. House challenge: Dripping in gold (S1E8)

This casual look transforms Elektra into a living golden statue. Elektra wears it at a turning point in Pose when Elektra joins Blanca after having a falling-out with her drag children. 

With intricate beading and luxurious textured fabric, the outfit isn’t complicated; but it does look just like it was made for Elektra, slathering the room in luminosity. 

Elektra read her children to filth in this look and presents the apparition of a stunning goddess while doing it, making a statement and leaving an impression to anyone in line of sight. 

Deconstructed royal gown (S2E1)

Gag. Worthy. Elektra enters season 2 of Pose with an absolute shoot. With an oversized bow and exposed hoop cage, this is the definition of drag. It serves camp, but also exaggerated femininity. Elektra looks phenomenal from head to toe. 

In Pose’s pilot Elektra and her house sneak into a museum and steal historic royal gowns. She looks great, but those dresses were made for another person at another time. This look embodies the art of drag & ballroom culture. It takes that original gown to the next level. 

Black leather & fur decadence (S2E3)

Elektra pairs leather and a voluminous fur coat yet again with this jaw-dropping sultry look. Perfectly contoured to her body, the leather two-piece screams sexiness while the coat gives decadence. 

This look is a lot more sensual than anything Elektra wears previously on Pose, but she still inserts her polished voluminous fur to counterbalance the leather. Elektra looks expensive

Real housewives realness (S2E7) 

In pure Elektra fashion, Elektra casually grills a neighbor in this all-white look, complete with tilted hat & brolly. In Pose it’s common for Elektra to read everyone she meets, but she makes it look ever so fashionable in this look. 

Elektra balances the look with incredible attention to detail, including gold accessories & beautiful embroidery. Her exquisitely tailored jacket elevates the look to true greatness. 

Pink embroidered look at the country club (S2E9)

Not everyone can pull off a neon pink dress, but Elektra does it effortlessly. It’s perfectly cut at her ankles and styled with gold jewelry to make her look twenty years younger. 

Elektra wears the very most sophisticated looks on Pose. This is one of Elektra’s casual ensembles – but in true Elektra fashion, it’s amazing in its relaxed yet detailed focus. We’d enjoy cocktails with Elektra by the tennis courts any summer afternoon!

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