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Ever wonder what happened on Jeffrey Epstein's infamous private jet, 'The Lolita Express?' Read the reveal from one of Epstein's victims.

What really happened on the ‘Lolita Express’? Alleged sex slave tells all

Chilling victims’ accounts of Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse can be found everywhere now. From docuseries like Surviving Jeffrey Epstein to books & articles from the victims & experts, there’s no shortage of insider looks into Epstein’s criminal world. 

While there are many accounts of Epstein’s island and his private mansions, there’s not too much talk about the abuse that happened aboard his private jet, The Lolita Express. This was the jet that trafficked countless girls to Epstein’s hotspots so he could sexually abuse them or pass them to his rich & powerful network. 

Chauntae Davies was twenty-two when she became an airline hostess for Jeffrey Epstein aboard The Lolita Express. In Surviving Jeffrey Epstein, she shares her story about what happened on the infamous private jet, and how only days after she donned a uniform, she found herself sexually trafficked. 

The trip of a lifetime

Chauntae Davies first heard about the opportunity to work for Epstein when she was living in Los Angeles. She was training to be a masseuse for the stars when her mentor, Gypsy Gita, told her about an opportunity to work aboard The Lolita Express and service rich & famous clients

Not only that, but The Lolita Express would fly to several countries in Africa with famous men like former U.S. President Bill Clinton, actor Kevin Spacey, and comedian & actor Chris Tucker. Gypsy Gita, Davies’ mentor, connected her with Ghislaine Maxwell for the job, who flew her to Palm Beach to meet with Jeffrey Epstein. 

The captain’s uniform

When Chauntae Davies started working for Epstein, he made her put on a captain’s uniform. His excuse was so she would look more professional and like an official member of the flight crew. Other victims reported having to wear a flight attendant uniform to make their presence on The Lolita Express look more legitimate

The “perfect gentleman”

Chauntae Davies doesn’t reveal whether the actors & politicians on The Lolita Express abused her. She reveals that Bill Clinton treated her “like the perfect gentleman”. She assisted him in finding a gift for his daughter, Chelsea. She mentioned the dropped Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker off before embarking on the rest of the journey. 

Bill Clinton minimizes his time spent with Jeffrey Epstein and denies knowing about Epstein’s sex trafficking. He claims he’s only been aboard The Lolita Express four times. However, the flight logs show that he was on the plane upwards of twenty-seven times. 

Clinton was connected to Jeffrey Epstein while in The White House. After Clinton’s presidency, he sought rich donors to help contribute to The Clinton Foundation. Epstein appeared more than willing to assist Clinton, including allowing him access to The Lolita Express for goodwill trips. 

Feelings of shame

Chauntae Davies’ experience on The Lolita Express brings feelings of shame to her even to this day. She felt like she was the only victim being abused by Jeffrey Epstein. Since she felt like she had nowhere to turn, she stayed silent about her experience, not even telling authorities. 

She also felt like she bonded with the men on The Lolita Express. Chauntae Davies recalls that to her, it felt like a summer camp outside of the abuse. Her experience echoes Virginia Roberts-Guiffre, who recalls that outside of when she was sexually assaulted, she felt like she was part of Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell’s family. 

This part of the abuse is called “normalization” by experts. Outside of the abuse, the perpetrator makes the victim feel like what they experience is normal, so they feel uncomfortable or afraid about speaking up. It trivializes the abuse in the mind of the victim and gaslights them into thinking the abuse is OK, even when it never is. 

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