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Who exactly was Ghislaine Maxwell to Jeffrey Epstein? Uncover the story with the latest shocking discoveries regarding Ghislaine's upcoming trial.

One of Ghislaine Maxwell's accusers says she told them to "give Jeffrey what he wants". When and where could this have happened?

The Lifetime documentary series, 'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein', premiered on August 9, 2020. Here are some of the most disturbing moments.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s former friend alleged that Maxwell had expressed interest in Paris Hilton for Jeffrey Epstein. Here's what we know.

Ever wonder what happened on Jeffrey Epstein's infamous private jet, 'The Lolita Express?' Read the reveal from one of Epstein's victims.

Learn the most disturbing details from 'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein' about Ghislaine Maxwell's role in Epstein's sex trafficking scheme.

It's been reported by several close acquaintances of Ghislaine Maxwell that she's not afraid to squeal. So should friends of Jeffrey Epstein be scared?

Documentaries about Jeffrey Epstein may be what the doctor ordered. Here's what we know about the Lifetime documentary.

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