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A federal judge released disturbing info from a lawsuit filed by Epstein victim Virginia Roberts-Giuffre. Read the most awful deposition details here.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s manuscript: The most sensational revelations

On July 31, thousands of pages of testimony & depositions were made public in the Ghislaine Maxwell case. This information comes from a lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, a victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious sex trafficking ring. She has been speaking out for years about the abuse she suffered at Epstein’s hands. 

The lawsuit Virginia Roberts-Giuffre filed was against Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation. Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s girlfriend for years and is believed to have been Epstein’s “madam in chief,” responsible for recruiting hundreds of underage girls for Epstein to sex-traffic and abuse (Maxwell claims she’s innocent). 

Ghislaine Maxwell responded to Virginia Roberts-Giuffre’s by calling her a liar, prompting Roberts-Giuffre to sue. Parts of the case like Roberts-Giuffre’s memoir, The Billionaire’s Playboy Club, will be used in Ghislaine Maxwell’s upcoming trial. Of the information released, there are some disturbing facts. Here are the ones that give us chills. 

Maxwell abused Roberts to get Epstein off

According to the deposition, it began as a massage. Halfway through, Roberts-Giuffre recounts that Jeffrey Epstein turned and exposed himself to her. From there, the abuse escalated into sexual assault & trafficking. According to the documents, Epstein wasn’t the only one who abused Roberts-Giuffre. 

According to Virginia Roberts-Giuffre, Ghislaine Maxwell wasn’t just Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplice. She sexually assaulted victims too, including Roberts-Giuffre. Worse, Roberts Giuffre writes that Maxwell assaulted her while Epstein watched and pleasured himself. 

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre also recalls standing in her underwear while Ghislaine Maxwell was naked and Jeffrey Epstein stroked himself on the table. She was paid $200 for the experience after being forced to sit in a sauna with Epstein after the incident. 

Sexually explicit “trophy photos”

According to the deposition, Ghislaine Maxwell took sexually explicit photos of Virginia Roberts-Giuffre and other sex trafficking victims of Jeffrey Epstein. Jeffrey Epstein would keep these explicit photos hanging openly in his house. According to experts, Epstein kept these photos out in the open since he believed he’d never be caught. 

Another prince allegedly abused Roberts

Virginia Roberts-Giuffre mentioned additional names in her deposition. When examined and cross-examined by lawyers in her 2015 civil suit, Roberts-Giuffre said that Epstein and Maxwell passed her off to another prince, but she didn’t mention who. Roberts-Giuffre said she was passed to hundreds of people, so she doesn’t remember all their names. 

The only other royal mentioned publicly in connection to Jeffrey Epstein is David Linley. Linley’s name appeared in Jeffrey Epstein’s flight manifest. However, Linley, Earl of Snowdon, is not a prince. Is there another royal involved in Epstein’s abuse? 

Prince Andrew’s puppet

Also disturbing, Prince Andrew reportedly groped Epstein’s trafficking victims with a puppet in his likeness. Jeffrey Epstein gave the Duke of York a puppet of himself from the 1980s UK satire show Spitting Image. Virginia Roberts-Giuffre reports that he “cupped her breast” with the puppet in their first encounter. 

Both Prince Andrew and the UK Royal Family staunchly deny Virginia Roberts-Giuffre’s accusations. Prince Andrew appeared on the BBC to defend his side of the story. However, U.S. officials are concerned that Prince Andrew, who previously claimed he would help with the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, has gone silent. 

Girls as young as fifteen were abused

According to the unsealed documents, Ghislaine Maxwell would assault girls as young as fifteen. Virginia Roberts-Giuffre was fifteen when she was first abused by Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell according to her statements. Per the documents, Epstein commented on her heart-patterned underwear, saying she wore “little-girl panties.” 

The assaults were both one-on-one and happened in girl-on-girl orgies on Little St. James. Virginia Roberts-Giuffre recalls that Ghislaine Maxwell would grope & abuse minors at these orgies. 

A “really perplexed family”

The most disturbing thing about the deposition was Virginia Roberts-Giuffre’s account of how normal Maxwell & Epstein made the abuse seem. Per Roberts-Giuffre, “we did everything together similar to normal families like eat dinner, watch TV, and travel.” 

In other sources like Filthy Rich: Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell & Epstein would befriend their victims and pretend like they cared. They would pay for their victims’ education to keep up the act and buy loyalty. If the girls spoke out or went against Epstein & Maxwell, that niceness would turn into blackmail and emotional abuse. 

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