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Accusers in the Jeffrey Epstein case have now started to point out that Ghislaine Maxwell may have been even worse. Here's how.

Was Ghislaine Maxwell more abusive than Jeffrey Epstein?

As the accusers in the Jeffrey Epstein case continue to step forward, some have now started to point out that Ghislaine Maxwell may have been even worse than Epstein. One of Epstein’s former sex slaves, Virginia Robers Giuffre, has spoken up about the role Ghislaine played in the sex trafficking scandal. Giuffre compares Maxwell to Geppetto and claims that Epstein was just her Pinocchio puppet.


Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein’s puppet master

Guiffre spoke out about Maxwell to CBS This Morning, saying that Ghislaine Maxwell was the “mastermind” behind the sex trafficking scheme. Guiffre goes on to say that “She is a monster. She is worse than [Jeffrey] Epstein. She did things even worse than Epstein did. She was vicious, she was evil, and she’s a woman.”

Ghislaine Maxwell was supposedly more dangerous Jeffrey Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell was reportedly more conniving than Jeffrey Epstein ever was and would use that to her advantage when recruiting young women. Guiffre said that Maxwell “could smell vulnerability on a person. I told her a little bit about my past and how I’ve been abused, and immediately it was like a Cheshire smile.”

It wasn’t just Ghislaine Maxwell’s cunning and cruelty that made her more dangerous than Jeffrey Epstein, but she also apparently had control of all of Epstein’s money. In exchange for Epstein’s money, Maxwell allegedly gave him her contacts.

Videos Ghislaine Maxwell took could put her in danger

Guiffre insists that Ghislaine Maxwell arranged for her to have sex with Prince Andrew at her London townhouse when she was only 17. Prince Andrew has continued to deny Guiffre’s accusations, but she points out that Maxwell has footage of all the abuse that took place on Jeffrey Epstein’s estate. She says that it’s likely that Maxwell has troves of footage with “very well-known names”.

Although Ghislaine Maxwell might have footage of these powerful people, Guiffre suggests that Maxwell’s life could be in danger if it’s released. Maxwell is being closely watched at a federal jail in Brooklyn, but Guiffree insists that if Maxwell talks that some of those people won’t be happy with her talking about it.  

Ghislaine Maxwell was responsible for recruiting young women for Jeffrey Epstein

Guiffre describes how she was swept up by Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein, saying that Maxwell offered to take her around the world as Jeffrey Epstein’s private masseuse and have her educated as a massage therapist. When she arrived at Epstein’s estate she was immediately abused. 

When Guiffre asked Ghislaine Maxwell why she was having all these girls sleep with Jeffrey Epstein, he supposed “boyfriend”, Maxwell said it was so that “she didn’t have to do it all the time”. Guiffre said Maxwell likely took girls to Epstein to make him happy, but also because she loved to exert control over people. 

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s victims demand justice

Guiffre wishes she had the opportunity to look Jeffrey Epstein in the eye and tell him that he hurt her and took away her youth, but she was robbed of this after Epstein allegedly killed himself in August. Now, Guiffre is hoping she’ll get an apology from Ghislaine Maxwell and that she’ll rot in prison the rest of her life. 

Ghislaine Maxwell has been denied bail in the Jeffrey Epstein case and will be detained at a federal prison until her court date. Maxwell’s court date is set for July 12th, 2021 and is expected to take approximately two weeks. If convicted, Maxwell faces 35 years in federal prison for her crimes.

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