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We’re elated to share that Kit Harington & Rose Leslie just had a baby boy! Check out these cute photos and delve into their relationship history with us.

Kit Harington is officially a DILF: See photos of his family with Rose Leslie

Every once in a while, fandom shippers are delighted with the news that those on-screen romances making watchers swoon actually blossom into off-screen relationships. The idea that the strong romance taking place in the stories we love could be rooted in real affections is certainly an event to be giddy about. 

Not every couple sticks it out (RIP Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield, Kristen Stwart & Robert Pattinson, and Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth), but fated pairs like Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds and Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher have given us hope that romantic stories can spill into real life. 

One of our favorite relationships, which stemmed from their overwhelming on-screen chemistry, is Kit Harington & Rose Leslie. The adorable Hollywood couple met in 2012 while filming season 2 of the sensational HBO series Game of Thrones and evidently fell in love, eventually leading to their marriage in 2018. 

We’re elated to share the joyous news from Harington & Leslie: they just had a baby boy! We can’t be happier for the couple as they take on this new chapter of their life. If you’re dying to hear more and catch a glimpse of the new family, check out these fun photos and delve into their relationship history with us. 

Welcome, young wilding! 

According to E! News, Harington’s rep confirmed the news that Kit Harington & Rose Leslie officially became first-time parents not long ago. The “very, very happy” couple were photographed in London with their new baby. 

Shown cradling her newborn in a carrier on her chest, Leslie held hands with a smiley Harington as they ran some errands.  

Baby bump

Rose Leslie confirmed she & Harington were pregnant in September. The thirty-four-year-old actress was photographed displaying her lovely baby bump on the cover of UK’s Make magazine.

“A very special all-woman team photographic shoot capturing Rose at this wonderful time as she prepares for motherhood for the first time!” the mag’s fashion editor Ursala Lake wrote on Instagram.

Leslie chimed up about how over-the-moon she was about her baby on the way, saying, “I am thrilled to be expecting, and I can’t wait to meet the new member of our family!”


Kit Harington & Rose Leslie made their red carpet debut as a couple in 2016 and announced their engagement shortly afterward in 2017. 

After a long romance on Game of Thrones and beyond, Harington & Leslie tied the knot in 2018 at Leslie’s ancestral castle in Scotland. According to Page Six, Game of Thrones costars Peter Dinklage, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, and Emilia Clarke attended the wedding. 

Jon Snow & Ygritte

If you’ve yet to watch Game of Thrones and want to avoid spoilers, turn back because we’re delving into Harington & Leslie’s characters on the show – Jon Snow & Ygritte. Ygritte is a woman of the “Free Folk” or Wildings, from a colony North of the Wall. When Night Watch protagonist Jon Snow meets her, the two start as enemies but they eventually develop a titillating romance throughout many seasons of Game of Thrones

In arguably the hottest Game of Thrones sex scene of them all, the characters consummate their relationship in a rapturous & steamy hot springs rendezvous. In this lustful act, Ygritte makes Jon break his vow of celibacy, taking his virginity. We’d argue that their bond is unrivaled on GoT.

Sadly, we can’t truly “end game” the characters because in season 4 Ygritte is fatally injured during the attack on Castle Black and dies in Jon’s arms. Their last moments on screen were heartbreaking, as Ygritte says they should have stayed in that cave where they made love before using her last breath to say her iconic catchphrase: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

Those entranced by the passionate & complicated relationship between Ygritte & Jon were rewarded by the off-screen romance between Harington & Leslie that sprang up after Rose Leslie’s departure from the series. 

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