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From the very beginning, GoT’s sex appeal is off the charts. Here’s our top picks for 'Game of Thrones' sex scenes to make you swoon.

‘Game of Thrones’ sex scenes: The hottest moments on the show

You can love HBO’s Game of Thrones for its immersive fantasy setting, thrilling storytelling, or captivating characters. You can love the marvelous acting, fighting, or set designs. There are just so many elements of GoT to love. But who’s kidding themselves – we truly love GoT for its exceedingly hot sex scenes. 

From the very beginning, GoT’s sex appeal is off the charts and each season brings more steamy affairs that compel us to keep watching. Some love scenes are sweet, some are depraved & spicy. Here’s our top picks for GoT sex scene to make you swoon. 

Daenerys & Her Handmaid/Khal Drogo

Daenerys has to endure Khal Drogo’s vicious ways in bed for too long – it isn’t until her handmaid shows her how to take control that Daenerys takes back her sexual experience as a woman. Her handmaid is sexy as hell and sure knows how to do it.

What can be hotter than a woman asserting herself – reclaiming the marriage bed and showing a man how her needs also matter. If you don’t have a sexy handmaiden to help, we suggest enlisting some toys – might we suggest a dragon dildo to unleash your full Khaleesi?

Jon & Ygritte

The best sex scene by far of any on GoT is between Jon & Ygritte. Their union is literally steamy as they make love in a hot spring deep inside a cave. Who hasn’t fantasized about doing this? It’s even better that Ygritte’s making Jon break his vow of celibacy and that she’s taking his virginity. Jon & Ygritte are the best couple ever – of all time. 

Missandei & Grey Worm

Even though Grey Worm is a unic, he gets to share one of the sexiest & sweetest moments with his special love, Missandei. How vulnerable these two are with each other is incredibly heartbreaking. GoT really charmed its audience by giving this couple the screen time they deserved to showcase their passionate affair.   

Arya & Gendry

When Arya & Gendry reconnect on the eve of the Battle of Winterfell, their passions quickly escalate – especially because the both believe that they are about to die. This love affair makes the list because their long-awaited reunion indulged fans who have shipped them for ages. Not to mention, their pairing is sweet & familiar – we were all ready for it. 

Daenerys & Daario

Though Dany felt great heartbreak over the death of Khal Drogo, we are eternally grateful for her newfound connection with Daario. Boy, do they have chemistry. The way they get it on is addictive.  

Oberyn & Ellaria orgy

Everyone was thrilled when Oberyn & Ellaria made their way onto GoT. Not just because they’re interesting & different – because they’re total nymphomaniacs. This orgy scene was particularly alluring because gender didn’t matter – everyone was fair game. Obery & Ellaria really are the pinnacle of a polyamorous relationship. 

Yara & Ellaria

Okay, so they don’t exactly have sex – but can we pretend they do? The surprising & sexy connection between Yara & Ellaria is bewitching. Though GoT jipped us of their ongoing affair as bisexual hotties, we can still imagine that these two were getting it on in their private quarters. 

Daenerys & Jon Snow

First it must be said – yes, it’s gross that this is incest. Can’t defend that one. But this GoT scene is still ragingly hot because there was so much sexual tension between Jon & Dany from their first meeting. When they finally indulge themselves they go all out. Plus – we got to see Jon Snow’s butt. Nothing can beat that.

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