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We all love cats, and we all known that pets look like their owners. Here are some funny memes comparing famous celebrities to a cat.

Funny cat memes: Felines who look like celebrities

In the stressful world of 2019, it’s hard to find peace at times from our daily struggles. However, a break from the struggles of life is at our fingertips. It’s cats. Cats are the perfect companion to de-stress and relax, showing love and compassion when you most need it. Even if that means annoying the crap out of you until you feed them. 

Since it’s hard to find a good reason to discuss cats here at Film Daily outside the Cats movie, we’re going to go a little basic for a moment. We know that looking at cats will give you a break from your work, and make you laugh, so keep scrolling to check out ten cats that look like celebrities. You’re welcome.

Tom Selleck

The iconic Blue Bloods actor is best known for his exemplary mustache. This cat’s mustache rivals Selleck’s claim to fame

Adam Driver

The Star Wars villain may be behind a mask most of the movie, but his cheekbones don’t deserve that. They deserve to be in the spotlight, next to this cat’s defined face. 

Charlie Chaplin

Again with the iconic mustaches! Plus, this cat rocks a bowler hat just as well as the comedy legend

David Bowie

The legendary performer also has those beautiful British defined faces. This cat may look like he’s suffering from a long face, but in reality, he’s just giving his best David Bowie impression.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Remember when memes used to be funny photos with bold white text on it? This iconic photo of Leo was a meme for the longest time until his cat doppelganger came along.

Nicolas Cage

When he’s not in a role that has him acting like a sociopath, Nic Cage always has such a gentle expression on his face, just like this cat. 


While not technically a celebrity, the How to Train Your Dragon character truly does resemble a black cat in his look, even if he acts more like a cat’s mortal enemy: the dog. 

Jamie Hyneman

This cat looks like it’s got some C4 and duct tape hidden in its pockets somewhere, ready to bust a myth. 

Orson Welles

In his later years, Orson grew a nice thick beard on his face, and his smile retreated after his years in Hollywood. Nothing matches his expression better than this disappointed cat. Speaking of grumpy cats…

Nick Offerman

No one truly captured Grumpy Cat’s essence better than Ron Swanson on Parks and Rec. We miss you Tardar Sauce.

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