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It's not always easy to earn a cat's love. Here are some proven tricks to make cats smile.

You know what's even more fun to look at than Jaime Lorente? Jaime Lorente with his cat. We'll stare at these until 'Money Heist' season 5 is released.

For those of you need your uwu’s or cringe a bit whenever you hear anyone go “hewwo”, here are some furry memes.

Andrew Lloyd Webber hated the 'Cats' movie as much as the rest of us. Here's why the film didn't exactly have the Broadway composer purring.

Were your wonderful summer activities canceled this year? Check out these hilarious videos capturing animals having fun in the sun.

Animals have a way of expressing human thoughts & emotions better than humans themselves. Here are some funny animal memes to put a smile on your face.

This is a look back on what James Corden used to do, and what we fear he’ll return to once he gets back to his studio for 'The

The 'My Cat From Hell' host and cat behaviorist lets viewers know the best ways to keep Kitty calm during this stressful time. Here's how.

What more adorable content from YouTube to distract from 2020? Let us present the genre of baby with kitten videos.