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Shichic is for people who understand that as cat owners, it’s our solemn duty to provide them with a fulfilling catified environment.

Don’t Let Your House Go to the Dogs. Catify It With Shichic!

Shichic is for people who understand that as cat owners, it’s our solemn duty to provide them with a fulfilling catified environment. After all, cats are the quirky masters we serve, and they truly deserve nothing but the best!

Marbleloo Cat Litter Tray ($84.90/standard; $94.90/jumbo) – The most cat-friendly tray on the market. Your cat’s throne will outshine your own! Comes with a free pooper scooper. This kind of open-air tray without a covered lid is the most cat-friendly set up, hence backed by Jackson Galaxy, the biggest catfluencer and cat expert worldwide !


    • Effortless Cleaning: Non-stick Teflon coating—because you’ve got better things to do than scrub.
    • Odor-Free: Unlike plastic, stainless steel won’t trap odors over time. Your nose (and guests) will thank you.
    • Germ-Free: Forget plastic; stainless steel is the epitome of hygiene for you and your feline friend. 
    • Built to Last & Kind to the Earth: “Why opt for a flimsy throne every 2 years when I can lounge on a 15-year sustainable marvel?” – Your Cat, probably.
    • Marble Visual Delight: The marble-dust finish isn’t just a statement. It’s a manifesto for cat luxury. 
    • Allergy-Busters: Zero chemicals or dyes. Just pure, clean comfort for your feline overlord.
  • Dimensions:
    • Jumbo: 23.6*15.75*6 inches (60*40*15cm) – Ideal for Maine Coons or multi-cat households if they share a box.
    • Standard: 19.7*13.8*3.9 (50*35*10cm) – Space-savvy for average-sized cats. A perfect fit to pair with the Poop Nest.

Is Your Cat Living Like Royalty?

In a world where our furry friends reign supreme, it’s high time their thrones reflected their esteemed status. Enter the Marbleloo Cat Litter Tray by Shichic – a game-changer in the realm of cat care that promises to elevate your pet’s litter experience to new heights of luxury and functionality. Priced at $84.90 for the standard size and $94.90 for the jumbo, this isn’t just another litter tray; it’s a statement of love for our quirky masters.

A Throne Fit for a Feline King

Designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind, the Marbleloo isn’t your average litter box. With endorsements from none other than Jackson Galaxy, the renowned catfluencer and expert, its open-air design sans lid is touted as the most cat-friendly setup on the market. Not to mention, it comes with a stylish, complimentary pooper scooper. This isn’t just a necessity; it’s a luxury your cat deserves.

Unparalleled Ease and Hygiene

The marvels of the Marbleloo don’t stop at its design. Featuring a non-stick Teflon coating, it makes the dread of cleaning up after your cat a thing of the past. Say goodbye to lingering odors and hello to a stainless steel construction that promises a germ-free environment for your feline friend. It’s not just built to last but also designed to impress with its marble-dust finish that screams opulence.

Eco-Friendly Elegance

In an era where sustainability is key, the Marbleloo stands out not just for its style but for its commitment to the environment. Offering a durable solution that spares you the hassle of replacing a litter box every couple of years, it’s a testament to Shichic’s dedication to eco-friendly, cat-conscious living. Plus, with dimensions catering to every cat size, from the majestic Maine Coons to your average-sized companions, it’s a versatile choice for every household.

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About Shichic:

Shichic was founded by Paul and Mateo, two cat lovers fed up with the horrors of open, smelly, plastic litter boxes ruining their homes and spoiling their paw-some relations with their feline companions! They’re here to redefine cat-centered living by offering stylish, eco-friendly, and cat-conscious solutions. Follow them and their cat ambassadors on Instagram @myshichic.

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