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How to bath a Persian Cat?

Bathing and grooming of a cat are much important and if you have a Persian cat, you have to be very careful about its grooming and bathing. Persian cat has long and fluffy hairs and gets dirty due to mats and dirt particles. if you want to see the cat clean then comb her daily. Try to use broad metal and un-static comb or brush for your Persian cat.

Keep a check at the cat’s ears, armpits, around the legs, and rumps. These body parts get dirty rapidly that may contain the dangerous type of hygiene which can harm the cat, you, and your family. Clean these body parts as well as teeth regularly.

If you want that your cat looks beautiful and decent then trim the cat’s hair properly on daily basis. I will advise you to go to the grooming expert once and groom your cat from her/him in front of yours so that you can learn properly the method of grooming. 

Steps to bathe a Persian cat


For the preparation of bathing:

  • Warm the water in a tub for the comfort of your cat
  • Keep the water bath at the place where no outside air can enter
  • Keep shampoo, conditioner, and towel near the bathing tub


  • First of all, adjust the water temperature according to weather requirements. If the weather or climate you observe is cold then warm the water more than the normal temperature and select the non-ventilated place to shower the cat. If the weather is dry and hot then warm the water a little bit more than the normal temperature.
  • Don’t use very cold or very hot water otherwise, your cat will frighten and run away.
  • Now put the cat in another tub or sink and pour the water on it with a cup.
  • Don’t pour water so quickly otherwise, your cat will terrify and try to escape from there.
  • Pour the water slowly and make trust in the cat that you are not harming her.
  • Use good quality shampoo. 
  • When cats eat, food particles stick on their chin and neck. So, when you shampoo, be sure to apply it to those body parts. 
  • Avoid the eyes and mouth from the shampoo
  • Now wash the shampoo softly with a shower
  • If your cat is very dirty then you can again put shampoo or use a conditioner for a second time 
  • Conditioner gives a very silky look to the coat of Persian cat

   Drying the cat:

  • After bathing cover your cat with a towel. First, dry water with one towel as much as possible then wrap your cat in the second towel and take it to the drying room.
  • Now dry properly with a good dryer. Use special dryers for your cat that have specially designed for pets.

Nails cutting:

Mostly, people get confused that whether they cut the nails before bathing or after bathing and how to cut them? The answer is that they should cut the nails after bathing. Because after bathing, nails get soft and can cut easily. So cut the nails after bathing with a good nail cutter.

If you are bathing your cat for the first time then don’t take a risk. I will advise you to go to a cat bathing specialist and observe him/her minutely how he/she is bathing your cat/kitten. Note these steps and the way of handling the cats. Then follow these steps next time. I hope it will help you.

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