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Netflix streams its large back catalog, available on command. Here are some of the best Netflix TV shows you might have missed, such as 'Mudbound'.

From the apocalyptic ‘How it Ends’ to Orson Welles’ masterpiece ‘The Other Side of the Wind’, here are the best Netflix Originals movies you missed.

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To celebrate Orson Welles’s legacy, here’s a ranking of the top ten films directed by cinema’s most talented auteur.

Every Stanley Kubrick movie carries his trademark visual style – you don’t even need the sound on to tell a Kubrick movie from any other.

We know that looking at cats will give you a break from your work, and make you laugh, so read on to check out ten cats that look

We were lucky to talk with writer-director-producer Dax Phelan about his creative process and get a behind-the-scenes look at his new feature, 'Kirkwood'.

The annual Venice Film Festival has unleashed its full 2018 lineup ahead of the event’s kick off on August 29, offering a window into some of the major