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Twitter experienced an outage this morning and is still not fully fixed. Get your keyboards ready and dive into the best reactions to the Twitter outage. 

What’s happened to Twitter? Mourn the social media outage with us

It seems like the Twitter bird had gone temporarily hoarse. Last night into this morning, the popular social media platform Twitter experienced an outage, mostly affecting users on the east coast. No one is exactly certain what caused the outage, with Twitter’s API status still looking into the issue even though the site is mostly back up and running currently. 

Naturally, many people on Twitter (when they could finally get back on the site) responded to this accordingly with memes and jokes about the outage. We hacked our way through and found the best of these reactions to the Twitter outage. 

Get your keyboards ready and dive into the best reactions to the Twitter outage. 

Confession time 

People do know that Twitter’s mostly back up now, right? We can see everything you posted during the outage and dude, maybe you should have kept that to yourself. . . 

Fading with time

Hate to break it to you, dude, but the internet is forever. 

Music during hard times 

Thanks for the bops, dude. 


That basically sums it all up. 

Don’t say it

Hope you’re able to get back to scrolling soon

Hidden pictures 

That has to be doctored. . . right?

Old school 

If you really want to go old school, go Blackberry style. We dare you. 

Save yourself 

They may have had some insider information, there. . . 

Officially drunk 

It seems more like Twitter is lightly tipsy, but that’s just us. . . 

Going global? 

We hope not, where else are we going to get memes

Have any other hilarious reactions to the Twitter outage? Drop them down below in the comments to help us stave off panic. 

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