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Instagram popularity is crucial to your band. Here are some techniques for improving your social media following.

7 Techniques for Faster Instagram Popularity

No one would deny the opportunity of becoming an overnight sensation but sadly, that’s not how the real world works. But with the increasing use of platforms like Instagram it is easier for commoners to make their mark and become popular through some hard and dedication. 

If you are among the lot who want to make it big on Instagram but don’t know how to realize this dream, then read on as this article will help you achieve the same without using any unfair means!

Post aesthetic content regularly

Have a look at some of the most popular Instagram accounts, and you’ll realize that they have spent a lot of time building a visually consistent and aesthetic feed. Having a unique element to your posts and IGTV videos will make it easier for people to recognize and interact with your content even when their feeds are flooded with countless posts.

Several brands and bloggers have seen the improvement in results after posting regularly for a long duration of time as it’s no secret that if you upload high-quality pictures punctually then people will start looking for your posts around the same time every day.

Be authentic

Being authentic can not only help you attract more followers but also leave a good impression on potential clients and followers! Several famous celebrities, brands and influencers have started sharing their struggles, hardships, wins and journey to success through micro-blogging as this helps them form a stronger bond with their audience as being authentic comes across as a pleasing trait online. Going live from time to time and interacting with your audience will help you know them better and the audience will also get to see your real, vulnerable and emotional side.

Post videos and reels

If you want to get popular in a short period of time then the best way to catch the attention of Instagram users is by making reels, IGTV videos and by going live frequently. Reels prove to come in handy in making people famous overnight! Reels and IGTV provide greater exposure as they have a higher chance of ending up on the explore page, thus allowing you to reach out to more people.

With countless trends, challenges and vlog opportunities coming up these days, these bite-sized videos can help you gain more followers as compared to a traditional post or story. So go ahead and post some catchy reels and videos! You can even buy instagram followers for your profile that will also help you to get more likes and views on your videos. 

Master the hashtag game

Hashtags play an important role in expanding your reach and targeting a particular group of audience. Including the right hashtags in your captions can help your posts climb higher in the explore section instead of getting buried among countless other posts!

There are several apps that can help you pick out trending hashtags and also help you avoid the ones that are blacklisted and can negatively affect the reach of your posts. You can even create your own hashtags for contests or IGTV series to keep a track of users who are actively participating and give them a shout out without any hassle. So make your hashtag game strong and watch those numbers rise in no time!

Collaborate with brands and influencers

The easiest way to become popular on Instagram is by collaborating with other creators! Once you’ve established a decent following, you can approach brands to grab some amazing brand deals which will build your credibility and provide greater exposure. Collaborating with other creators from your field also benefits both parties as you are exposed to each other’s followers.

You can either approach them directly or start commenting on their posts and take things further from there. So go ahead and create some fun videos with other bloggers, mention each other’s stories and have some fun interactions with each other’s followers as you rise to fame! There are some of the best social media marketing companies that can help you to increase your follower base and promote your videos over instagram. 

Host giveaways and contests 

You should reward the people who’ve helped you in your journey in becoming an influencer or artist so make sure you host some contests and giveaways for your followers from time to time. Be it special occasions like completing a year on Instagram or hitting your yearly goals, you can use these opportunities to host giveaways, events or contests where your followers can participate by promoting your content as stories, tagging their friends or recreating your videos to win exciting prizes! You can feature this user-generated content and attract a host of new followers and clients while giving back to your precious followers!

Engage through Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories are with tons of interactive stickers, widgets and filters that use AI so you can be as creative as you want while sharing snippets from your daily life or uploading short videos. You can also give shoutouts to your top followers, add highlights, tag fellow creators and direct traffic to your website, latest post, IGTV or reels by sharing them on your story.

Stories can save the day when you’re too busy to interact and can help you get closer to your followers by sharing behind the scenes, bloopers, pranks and much more as people tend to prefer swiping through stories instead of scrolling through their feeds these days.

This brings us to the end of the list but this is only the beginning of your road to success. So make the most of these tips to increase engagement and become a popular Instagrammer in no time! 

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