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We can all admit that the 'Riverdale' cast are all pretty attractive, but who wins as the hottest member of this bunch? Let's find out.

Burning question: Who’s the hottest member of the ‘Riverdale’ cast?

Riverdale is a one of a kind series. Before it happened, you would probably never even think of the Archie Comics characters as CW series sexy, but here we are in 2020 with Riverdale. We can all admit that the Riverdale cast are all pretty attractive, but who wins as the hottest member of this bunch?

Well rather than have them battle it out, we’re going to give each cast member their own category of which is the hottest Riverdale cast member. It’s too unfair to judge otherwise. 

Burgers and video games hot: KJ Apa

KJ Apa, who stars as Archie Andrews on the series, is what we’re calling “burgers and video games” hot. Basically, he’s that fantasy of someone who is totally chill and relaxed, who you can play video games with and eat messy burgers and not be too embarrassed when you get ketchup on the controller. Just a fun dude that you can chill out with and play Mortal Kombat or Animal Crossing with. 

Book club hot: Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart, who plays Betty Cooper, always has a sort of intellectual vibe around her. We’re excited to check out her book of poetry Swimming Lessons. She’s the sort of hot where you can imagine talking about your favorite books for hours with, whether urban fantasy or classic literature. Someone that you can definitely let your inner reader fly around. 

Museum hot: Cole Sprouse

Want to spend an afternoon wandering around the MoMA or maybe some other sort of museum? Cole Sprouse, photographer, and artist he is, definitely fits the definition of that hot guy at the museum who stares for hours at a painting because it really speaks to him. He’s more than happy to share his thoughts about color theory and the different art movements over the years. 

Cafe hot: Camila Mendes

You’re reading in your favorite cafe with a scone and a cup of tea when you look across the way and boom, Camila Mendes. She just has that air of sophistication of someone who will hang out at chic cafes and could recommend the best ones in the area. Just a very cool sort of vibe, you know? 

Cooking date hot: Madelaine Petsch

You know those stories about people who come up with at home Chopped or Nailed It competitions? Petsch, who loves cooking, just has that sort of vibe about her. She has that just that fun and easy vibe of just doing a silly at home competition with a person that you care about. 

Hike hot: Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan has that free spirit about her that promises a lot of outdoor activities. If you love hiking and being out in nature, then this is the perfect sort of hot for you. There’s a lot of fun to be had in the great outdoors and it’s definitely time to get that needed fresh air. 

Cinema hot: Casey Cott

Like the idea of the intimacy of a theatre? Maybe watching some classic Hollywood cinema with the person that you find hot? Casey Cott gives give off the vibe of Cinema hot with those classic looks and bright smile. You’ll both be talking for hours about your favorite films from yesteryear or give each other your Top 10 list of what’s come out so far. 

Puppy play date hot: Charles Melton

Have you seen Melton’s interview at Buzzfeed with all the puppies? He’s totally the kind of hot guy that you’d love to have at a puppy playdate. It combines two favorite things of many people: puppies and hot guys with charming smiles. Plus he was, apparently, the #1 dog walker in LA so he knows how to handle overeager puppers.

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