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Who is the endgame romance for Jughead Jones in ‘Riverdale’?

Let’s be honest – when it comes to Riverdale we’re less concerned with the sinister gangs & murders and more involved in the blossoming romances between our favorite characters. Everyone knows when it comes to Riverdale anyone could end up smooching anyone. These romantic highschoolers definitely explore their options and don’t hesitate to show their affection, sealing it with a passionate kiss. 

That means there are endless ‘ships out there. Our question is: who is the one for Jughead Jones? Ever since season 1, Betty & Jughead have shared one of the most steady, loving relationships on screen. But were they really meant for each other? Riverdale ain’t over, so who else could Jughead end up with? 


Ever since Toni Topaz & Jughead met in season 1, they’ve developed a strong relationship. Guiding Jughead through his transition to Southside High, Toni & Jughead share an instant flirty connection. When Jughead starts up Southside’s school newspaper Red & Black, he convinces Toni to be the photographer and they become close. 

When Jughead & Betty briefly split, Toni & Jughead share a steamy kiss when she visits him in his trailer. Unfortunately for Jopaz fans, that moment fizzles out as Toni tells him she doesn’t want to be his rebound, and that she’s “more into girls, anyways.” 

Toni & Jughead stay friends and continue to support each other throughout Riverdale – but no one can deny the pair have chemistry. Toni is the only one really to connect with Jughead’s lineage as a Southside Serpent – that’s something Betty can’t do.


Jughead & Veronica initially seem to have nothing in common: Veronica is rich & prissy while Jughead is independent & antisocial. But the two end up developing a nice bond. Jeronica has similar problems with their criminal fathers and turbulent relationships.

Throughout Riverdale Jughead & Veronica share some sweet moments, always willing to talk and support each other. When Betty & Archie have to pretend to be together as Jughead feigns death, Betty & Archie share a kiss – which doesn’t sit well with Jughead or Veronica. In order to “even the score”, Veronica spontaneously kisses Jughead in a hot tub.

While nothing more comes of this, fans still ship the two because of their interesting dynamic on the show. The keen contrast and playful history between Jughead & Veronica is compelling; after all, opposites attract.


Long before Betty & Jughead declare romantic feelings for each other, they develop a strong friendship, which evolves into romance when Betty relies on Jughead for comfort as her concerns about her sister Polly become unbearable. Jughead reassures Betty that her parents are in the wrong and that she’s not crazy. 

This kind of emotional support is a constant throughout Riverdale – the love between Betty & Jughead is bound to their ability to work through problems and care for each other. This doesn’t mean, however, that Bughead doesn’t face issues. This prime couple splits up multiple times, but they always find their way back to each other. Betty & Jughead even have adorable nicknames for each other: “Betts” & “Juggy”. 

Even though Jughead & Archie are best friends, Betty & Archie have an undeniably strong romantic history. The question is: are Betty & Archie actually meant for each other? In the comics, Betty’s feelings for Archie never truly subside. Will the creators of Riverdale honor its roots and pair Betty & Archie in the end? 

No one? 

Jughead’s sexual orientation in the comics has aroused significant curiosity over the years; he has much more of an interest in hamburgers than girls. After years of speculation, Archie comics writer Chip Zdarsky confirmed that Jughead is asexual.

The revelation shocked some fans when the romance between Jughead & Betty began. Many wish that Riverdale would address Jughead’s asexuality, because that community is lacking in representation in popular media. Even Jughead actor Cole Sprouse has expressed desire to see the character’s asexuality manifest.

Although asexual persons may not also be aromantic (allowing the Bughead ship still to fit), it seems Jughead & Betty do eventually have sex in Riverdale. But there are still more seasons to come, so perhaps we’ll get to see Jughead go it solo and explore his asexuality as well.

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