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Reality always finds a way to beat fiction. Canadian actor ​​Ryan Grantham makes news for planning to kill Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada. 

Canadian news: Why did this ‘Riverdale’ star try to kill Justin Trudeau?

Reality always finds a way to beat fiction. It can be either funny or scary how cinema & T.V celebs can go further with the fictional drama of their characters in real life, just have in mind Johnny Depp’s trial. Canadian former actor ​​Ryan Grantham is now trending news on his failed plan of killing Justin Trudeau, current Prime Minister of Canada since 2015. 

Ryan Grantham is known for his presence in movies & T.V. shows like Riverdale, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Supernatural. Still, Grantham’s famous motives may spin a little, it looks like Justin Trudeau wasn’t his only prey in 2020. Unfortunately, Grantham did kill other people, and we’re not talking about Archie’s dad in Riverdale but his biological mother in March 2020. 

The former actor detailed his plans of harming Justin Trudeau in a journal in British Columbia on June 14th. He also turned himself in to the Vancouver police last Wednesday, June 15th, 2022. Grantham attempted to act on his thought of harming Trudeau after he allegedly shot his mom Barbara White in 2020 while she was playing the piano. What is this all about?

Grantham sentence

Let’s have in mind Grantham decided not to carry out his plan, and that same night he turned himself into the Vancouver police. Since then, he has been waiting for the verdict to establish his conviction.

This news became viral because it involved first minister Justin Trudeau’s welfare, nonetheless, the real crime he’ll be charged with is his mother’s murder. In March 2020, Grantham was declared guilty of second-degree murder when his mother was found dead in their home. Second-degree murder comes with a mandatory life sentence, as well as a parole ineligibility period ranging from ten to twenty-five years.

During his sentencing investigation, it was registered that Grantham had recently obtained three guns, ammunition, and Molotov cocktails. It was also noticed that the former actor counted with camping supplies as well as a map of the area Trudeau was staying with his family. This news can be shocking and contradictory to Grantham’s current regret declarations. Still, he did turn himself in to the police.

He certainly won’t act again, at least not soon. Anyhow, it’ll become twice as creepy to watch Riverdale where he plays teen Jeffery Augustine responsible for the death of Archie’s father.

Is Ryan Grantham sorry?

The former actor has shown himself deeply sorry for his mother’s murder in several journal declarations: “I cannot explain or justify my actions”.  He also said: “I have no excuse. It hurts me to think about how badly I’ve wasted my life. In the face of something so horrible, saying sorry seems so pointless.” Ending with: “But from every fiber of my being, I am sorry”. 

Grantham’s words seem deep & honest, yet, without intending to be punitive, it’s really tough not to feel completely terrorized after his mother’s murder. This kind of news lets people into an unexplainable emotional spiral, wondering what takes somebody to do something like this. However, psychiatric reports have shown that Grantham was “experiencing urges to commit violence and commit suicide”.

According to the prosecution’s revealed information, Grantham was suffering from “an intense period of clinical depression” during the time of the murder. Grantham also mentioned deciding to kill his mother in order to prevent her from seeing the violence he was about to commit”. Anyhow, this case remains perplexing and hard to swallow.

Apparently, Grantham even recorded videos of the moments after the murder and even showed his mother’s dead body. Let’s hope for Grantham to have enough strength to pass through this phase of realizing the weight and permanence of his actions. All this, united with sufficient psychological care in the place he ends up paying for his sentence. 

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