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Two brothers murdered their family and killed themselves. Read about this true crime case about depression, "The Office", gun control, and more here.

Who could’ve figured an argument over french fries could lead to murder and a life sentence? Let’s dive deeper into this deep-fried true crime.

What happened to Rebecca Schaeffer? What led to her tragic murder at the age of 21? Learn more about this terrible true crime case.

Can you and your friends remember every wild party? Because Tyler Hadley threw a party that no one will ever forget. Take a look his true crime story.

This horrifying true crime story will make you rethink camping. Learn about the Oklahoma Girl Scouts who never came home.

A well-known LA socialite, Rebecca Grossman, has been accused of murdering two young boys. Could this true crime case be the most gruesome?

Former Chicago Bears football player Michael Richardson has been arrested. Is he actually a murderer?

Casey Anthony is going to open an investigation business. Find out what the former murder suspect is up to now.

Webcam chat sites can be a fun way to pass time, but they often have dark pasts. Chatroulette made a recent return, but could it be linked to