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It's been years since the murder of Travis Alexander and now, Jodi Arias is back in the spotlight. Why is that? Dive into here whereabouts here.

To keep order, societies have laws on the books. Here are some of the worst criminal charges you could be facing, plus, what to do if you're arrested.

Stacy Wilson was a woman who's horrifying crime case entailed her being murdered on a bus. Read all about the chilling details of the scene here.

Mary Catherine Edwards was murdered in her home in Beaumont, Texas on January 13, 1995. Has this cold case finally been solved?

Two brothers murdered their family and killed themselves. Read about this true crime case about depression, "The Office", gun control, and more here.

Who could’ve figured an argument over french fries could lead to murder and a life sentence? Let’s dive deeper into this deep-fried true crime.

What happened to Rebecca Schaeffer? What led to her tragic murder at the age of 21? Learn more about this terrible true crime case.

Can you and your friends remember every wild party? Because Tyler Hadley threw a party that no one will ever forget. Take a look his true crime story.

This horrifying true crime story will make you rethink camping. Learn about the Oklahoma Girl Scouts who never came home.