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Did a real UFO give Seattle residents a spectacular light show? Marvel at the truth behind this phenomenal sighting right here.

Did a real UFO fly over Seattle? See photos and decide for yourself

Things keep getting weirder & weirder as the days roll by in 2021, and each headline that comes to pass seems stranger than the last. This week, a mysterious array of lights lit up the sky over Seattle, Washington, leading onlookers to wonder if there was an intergalactic force being put on display in the night sky.

Space seems to be on the collective hive brain, as articles across the grand landscape of the internet continue to pile up with developments. NASA’s perseverance Mars rover continues to churn out high-definition images of the red planet, and last week we even received the most advanced sounds from Mars’s surface for the first time.

However, the latest & greatest space buzz came on Thursday when some mysterious lights made onlookers across the Pacific Northwest wonder whether or not they were seeing a real UFO fly over the night sky. A real UFO being spotted is a much less crazy concept than it was a few years ago.

Truth is out there

2020 had most of the world distracted with lockdown restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, but there was a lot of unrelated groundbreaking news last year. Let’s not forget, the U.S. Pentagon acknowledged the existence of UFOs in 2020. 

The Pentagon didn’t release pictures of green martians or U.S. intelligence figures posing with flying saucers, but it was revealed there was some truth out there the U.S. government hadn’t fully discovered. With UFOs being recognized as a real thing by the U.S. government, strange occurrences in the sky have new wild possible explanations – could the lights that were seen over Seattle this week be from a real UFO?

Thursday night

Today, The New York Post reported the sighting which had Pacific Northwesterners scratching their heads on Thursday when an array of lights lit up the night sky. The report included a video of the light show from a tweet from user Genevieve Reaume.

The video of the lights over Seattle is something out of a big-budget science fiction movie – we see a spread of dozens of lights with star trails slowly passing over the night sky in the video. 

The lights look like how a movie would present a meteor shower, as various lights dance in seeming slow motion with a brilliance rarely captured by shooting stars millions of miles away. The video is accompanied by commentary of two onlookers oohing & aweing, wondering what the heck they’re witnessing at the time of the light’s brilliant travel.

So what was flying overhead onlookers Thursday night in Seattle? Were Earthlings given the most definitive evidence of a real UFO to date or was this something else?


Alien fanatics will be disappointed to learn reports have shown the lights over the U.S.’s Pacific Northwest this week didn’t come from a real UFO. The National Weather Service’s Seattle office tweeted the lights stargazers were seeing this week came from a rocket.

The lights appeared to have been debris from the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket’s 2nd stage after its launch on March 4th. Reports say the rocket failed to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere, so the bright spots in the sky were debris coming from the rocket. The confirmed debris had some stargazers worried the lights might become objects crashing into the Earth.

However, The National Weather Service put worriers’ concerns at bay when they added no impacts were expected from the breathtaking display of debris shooting across the night sky.

It appears the light show entrancing Pacific Northwesterners this week has an Earthly explanation, to the disappointment of sci-fi fans hoping the light show would be the best captured real UFO to date. For now, space fans will have to keep their eyes to the skies and wait for the next strange occurrence which might lead us to confirm . . . the truth is out there.

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