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Is that a UFO in the sky or just an airplane? Put your extraterrestrial theories to the test with the recently released CIA documents.

In a story only 2020 could produce, a '2001: A Space Odyssey' like monolith appeared in Utah. Did a real UFO take it away?

In September, a UFO came close to colliding with a commercial jet while it prepared to land at Leeds Bradford airport in the UK. Was it real?

We can’t get over the fact the U.S. government had to change UFO to UAP. What's the latest UFO news involving Trump?

Are UFOs real? Khloe Kardashian thinks so! Rocket to the height of unexpected news and learn about Kardashian's UFO sighting.

We all know there are a few celebrities who believe extraterrestrials have visited Earth, but did you know Khloe Kardashian is one of them?

Donald Trump has given some cryptic responses to UFO queries. What’s the latest news on extraterrestrial life?

Several conspiracy theorists have made previous claims that aliens live on the Moon. Could this crazy conspiracy actually be real?

Due to the nature of UFO sightings, a few people’s eyebrows couldn’t help but raise at the Japanese Defense Ministry’s claim. Here's why.