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How real are UFOS? Dive into Twitter's reaction of the new Showtime docuseries from J.J. Abrams 'UFO' to find out.

Will J.J Abrams ‘UFO”s *finally* expose the real truth?

Are UFOs real? That’s the million dollar question. In terms of unidentified flying objects, then yes, there is such a thing as UFOs. But, in the more colloquial term of pop culture, are UFOs actually harbingers of aliens? Could they be sent to visit Earth from far off planets? What about some of the most famous instances of UFOs appearing in history? 


In the latest docuseries from Showtime, UFO, it doesn’t say one way or the other, definitely, if UFOS are or aren’t real. Instead, however, it does put forth the truly serious possibility that, hey, stranger things exist out there. Why not UFOs? Why not real aliens? Based on the trailer, it certainly looks like we’re getting a deep dive into the subject.

The four-part docuseries will cover four famous cases of UFOs: Phoenix Lights, Tic Tac craft, Robert Bigelow, and the AATIP. In fact, Showtime has the first episode on YouTube, if you’re curious to see the series, but don’t want to dive into Showtime. Now let’s take a look at other’s reaction to UFO.


The truth is out there

So slide into Showtime’s DMs (so to speak) to watch it.


Interesting, interesting

Hey! Let’s credibly talk about the possibility of UFOs being real.



Well, not everyone is won over by it.


On the other hand . . . 

Some, however, seem pretty pleased at it.


Not a bad plan

It went full on true crime doc, but UFO.



That’s pretty cool! 


Not gonna lie

UFO Twitter is living its best life, right now.


Oh boy

So apparently no one likes episode three of the series.


Fingers crossed

Still, we live in hope that, on the whole, it’s good.


Give it a read

Now be sure to read this as well.

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