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'Shadowhunters' prevailed at the 44th annual People’s Choice Awards, proving fans can make a huge difference even on a cancelled show.

#SaveShadowhunters: Here’s why the #PCA’s were a huge victory for the #Shadowfam

Shadowfam, give yourselves an almighty pat on the back. Thanks to you, Shadowhunters and its stars prevailed at the 44th annual People’s Choice Awards. It was the boost the show needed, proving that while Freeform seems intent on locking the show in TV jail, the fans refuse to pass Go without collecting their $200 of TV gold along the way.

Among the victorious was Harry Shum Jr., who won for Male TV Star of 2018 for his role as Magnus Bane (and one half of our beloved Malec). If it weren’t for the fans, there’s no way he would’ve beat out competition from The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln, Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse, and Justin Chambers of Grey’s Anatomy fame.

But with the help of the unrelenting Shadowfam – who have shown unrivalled dedication to their fantasy show ever since Freeform announced its cancellation back in June – our fave High Warlock went home a winner.

Shum’s surprise was evident when he took to the stage to accept his award before thanking the dedicated fanbase and their kind messages. “Over the past three years that I’ve been on Shadowhunters, I’ve been very lucky to get a lot of great fanmail,” declared Shum.

“Some are funny, some are, ‘Dear Harry, I know you like to put pineapple on your pizza. Do you really? Be honest, don’t say yes,’ to really inspiring fanmail just appreciating our show . . . and also reminding you that love knows no bounds.”

His expression and his speech were a blend of surprise and gratitude. And while his triumph highlights a significant victory for the Shadowfam, the road didn’t end with Shum. Katherine McNamara went on to bag Female TV Star of 2018 for her role as Clary Fray in the fantasy series. Needless to say, she was equally as surprised as her co-star.

Taking to Twitter, the actress wrote: “I am continually humbled by your passion and forever grateful for your love. This is astounding, truly. #ShadowhuntersLegacy”.

But the most convincing piece of evidence in the case against Freeform’s uncalled-for cancellation came to light when Shadowhunters took home the title of Show of 2018. That’s right, folks – the Shadowfam made this happen.

To go from a show that was not even up for nomination to one that’s named as the best on TV is an incredible accomplishment that goes to show how powerful the Shadowfam is as a collective force.

Instead of simply campaigning on Twitter (which the fanbase does a lot), the ‘fam’s members have gone to extraordinary lengths to see their show back on the air – everything from raising money to rent #SaveShadowhunters pedicabs at this year’s SDCC to flying a #SaveShadowhunters banner over the Netflix headquarters. They even purchased billboard spaces in Times Square and Seoul subway stations, and raised nearly $23,000 to donate to LGBTQ+ charity The Trevor Project.

When it came to the nominations for this year’s People’s Choice Awards, the fans were disappointed when it was announced earlier this year that Shadowhunters was only listed in one category: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show of 2018.

Did they sit about moping? Of course they didn’t – once again the collective put their brains together and rallied via write-ins, and soon enough the PCA bosses were convinced and the show was nominated in four additional categories.

So while most fawning acceptance speeches see actors mention how they “couldn’t do it without the fans”, the stars of Shadowhunters meant every remark – their gratitude was palpable.

As McNamara put it during a red carpet interview: “It’s the most humbling and flooring thing. I mean the fans have just been so wonderful for us from day one that it’s kind of come full circle for all of us.

“The gratitude . . . all of us feel for the fans from day one . . . it’s an overwhelming passion and love for the show, and we share that with them. Their determination is truly inspiring, and us being here is really like them being here with us, so thank you.”

The people have spoken and the resounding message is clear: Shadowhunters is the TV winner and it deserves to continue.

Hopefully the results have lifted the spirits of the Shadowfam, who took a hard blow last week when Freeform made the cast promote the “great news” that the show would air its final episodes in February 2019.

Insultingly posting the announcement with the hashtag #ShadowhuntersLegacy, the news was far from great for fans of the show, who have been campaigning tirelessly to see Shadowhunters continue past S3’s final batch of episodes.

Although in the face of such news it might appear easier just to admit defeat, as shown by the resounding victory at this year’s People’s Choice Awards the Shadowfam’s fight is far from over. So draw your weapons and prepare for an epic demon hunt – let’s make Shadowhunters the most legendary revival in TV history.

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