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Is it possible that Love Quinn may have survived the season 3 finale of 'You'? See if the loveably homicidal character will make a return in season 4!

Is Love alive? Will she return in ‘You’ season 4?

“The real horror of my life is not that I’ve killed some terrible people. The real horror is that the people I’ve loved didn’t love me back.” 

Caroline Kepnes, Hidden Bodies

Based on stories by author Caroline Kepnes, the Netflix series You features a manipulative, charming novel enthusiast that murders the women he loves all too easily. 

In all three seasons, Joe Goldberg narrates the inner thoughts of a romance killer. First, an intense spark ignites between strangers, a romanticized relationship ensues, obsessive behaviors arise, murders spill, and the cycle repeats. 

In season 2 of You, Joe Goldberg meets his match. His Los Angeles girlfriend turned wife, Love Quinn, does a little bit of murdering of her own in order to keep Joe as her partner. In this season, it just goes to show that sometimes in toxic murderous love –like attracts like.

Season 3 spoilers

In season 3 of You, Joe Goldberg & Love Quinn move in together to a San Franciscan suburban dream. However, Joe’s narration shows hints of dissonance & animosity in his relationship with Love & his newborn son. 

Considering that both Joe & Love possess obsessive and violent personalities, the two were destined to meet their doom from the inception of their meeting.  

Unsurprisingly, Joe stages his own death – making Love Quinn a murderer/suicide. Joe murders his wife and heads off to Paris, France, in hopes of encountering and pursuing his newfound interest, Marienne.

According to Screen Rant, “. . .However, despite Love’s apparent death, there’s still a chance she’s alive. And the series finale leaves several clues that the character could ultimately return. If Love did come back for You season 4, the Netflix show could carry out more plot points from Kepnes’ novels, which were interestingly not addressed thus far.”

Goodbye Love 

Victoria Pedretti, who plays Love Quinn in the series You, is not expected to return in the fourth season since her character is virtually done away with – Joe Goldberg style.  

In an interview with Marie Claire, the actress Pedretti confirmed, “As far as I know, she’s dead.” Pedretti continues to explain to Marie Claire that even though her character seems to be kaputz, she is more than willing to make a guest appearance on You, season 4.

Is it possible that we will see more of Love in flashbacks, memories, or dreams? With all the twists & turns in the popular series, anything seems likely. So much has been left up to the imagination, but fans hope for the resurrection of Love Quinn.

Season 4

The creators of You season 4 explained it will consist mainly of Joe’s relationship with himself and perhaps the repercussions of his actions. Therefore, the new anticipated season is expected to be quite different from previous ones. 

In an interview with E!, Sera Gamble noted that Joe will have to deal with the emotional repercussions of abandoning his son, “I think it will shape him from this moment forward.”  

The show will dive deep into the psychology of the where what & why of Joe Goldberg and what makes him tick. Will his past finally catch up with him?

Screen rant says, “If Love returned for You season 4, the show could pick up other storylines from Caroline Kepnes’ You books. In Kepnes’ You Love Me, Joe lives in the Pacific Northwest after Love Quinn’s family pays him to stay away from Love and their child.”

“. . .However, Love eventually lures Joe to Los Angeles for a meeting. There, she shoots him before turning the gun on herself. Joe lives in the end, but Love dies by her own hand. Love’s death in season 3 is a severe departure from the book.”

Toxic love

You displays the toxic & dangerous characteristics of a former book-store manager/predator dramatized in a romantic thriller. The show intertwines pseudo-love with pain, control, & murder. Viewers can’t get enough of Joe’s extreme & delusional personality, luring women to their death

Netflix released a short sneak-peek, confirming there will be a You, season 4. The sneak peek is a highlight reel of those who have fallen to their demise by the hands of Joe Goldberg – and now he is ready to kill for another season.  

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